THE NEW BLACK by Kenneth W. Mack and Guy-Uriel Charles

October 6, 2013

Kenneth W. Mack and Guy-Uriel Charles spoke about their book, The New Black: What Has Changed—and What Has Not—with Race in America, at Politics & Prose on Sunday, October 6, 2013.

The arrival of an African American man in the White House has brought into focus a world of race relations that has changed profoundly since the civil rights movement. At the dawn of what some consider to be a new age—the result of economic, social, environmental, technological, and political shifts in the United States and abroad—there is a growing and vibrant debate both within and beyond communities of color about the complex and evolving politics of race and race relations in America.

In this incisive, accessible volume, a group of eminent public intellectuals—historians, sociologists, syndicated writers, prominent scholars, and well-known cultural critics—move past the familiar half-century-old framework to challenge conventional wisdom on topics including immigration, images of black women, the changing political power of African Americans and other groups, and the overall terms of debate about race in America.

The New Black represents a major new effort to move the conversation forward and to address more effectively the real inequalities that persist, offering a vital set of innovative ideas and intellectual tools for facing the new century.

The New Black: What Has Changed--And What Has Not--With Race in America By Kenneth W. Mack (Editor), Guy-Uriel Charles (Editor) Cover Image
By Kenneth W. Mack (Editor), Guy-Uriel Charles (Editor)
ISBN: 9781595586773
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Published: New Press - September 3rd, 2013