Sonoma County Journaling Retreat at Bishop's Ranch

with Politics and Prose and Author Phyllis Theroux

Monday, September 3 through Friday, September 7

Join Politics and Prose and author Phyllis Theroux as she takes her popular workshop on how to keep a good journal  and combines it with an in-depth creative writing seminar at the Bishop's Ranch in Sonoma County, California.  For five luxurious days, participants will have time to read, reflect, and let their thoughts take shape. Sink into a chair and read a book uninterrupted, eat delicious meals, go for contemplative walks, rest, and gather each evening for a glass of wine with other members of the seminar before supper. And of course, write.


In daily morning sessions, Theroux will share selections from some of the famous diarists who have inspired her and offer simple exercises to focus attention. She will offer prompts or themes worth exploring, invite
you to share what you have written, and leave time for Q & A where writers can ask and exchange answers to questions about the writing life. This seminar is designed for anyone who sees the value of writing as a life tool and wants to learn how to do it better. It is not meant exclusively for writers who aspire to publish. But participants of all backgrounds and skill levels will be surprised by the power of their own words, by the way they strengthen, enlighten and nourish. Rule Number 1: Write for the same reason you keep a good friend -- because life is better when you do.

The Bishop’s Ranch is 75 miles north of San Francisco. For people flying into SFO, there is an airport shuttle bus that will take you as far as Santa Rosa, and from there it is a short taxi trip to the Bishop’s Ranch. Rental cars may be reserved at the airport in anyone prefers to drive.

There is no required reading, but one title is strongly recommended as preparation: Christian McEwan’s World Enough & Time: On Creavitity and Slowing Down. For more information, and to register for this trip, follow this link:


Phyllis Theroux is a writer, essayist and teacher, and the author of numerous books, including the memoirs California and Other States of Grace and The Journal Keeper. She lives in Ashland, Virginia, where she has a cottage that is sometimes used by other writers who need time to dive more deeply into their work.