Maria and Mouse Mouse are an unlikely pair with a big secret and more similarities than they know. A human and a rodent, they have to keep their friendship hidden. One night, as Maria and Mouse Mouse get ready for bed, Maria in her room and Mouse Mouse in her hole under the floor, neither can find her mother to tuck her in! Searching frantically among kitchens, living rooms, and outrageously detailed illustrations, the two must stop to ask “Where’s Mommy?” (Schwartz and Wade, $17.99). Beverly Donofrio’s heartfelt story and Barbara McClintock’s whimsical illustrations work together to create a clever tale that shows that children aren’t the only ones with secrets. Ages 4-8. Allison Trotter

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ISBN: 9780375844232
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Published: Schwartz & Wade - March 11th, 2014

“We have new friends.” These simple words are whispered to the baker, the librarian, and the farmer—and accommodations are made for the Jewish family hiding in Anett’s basement in a small Danish village in the early 1940s. Only two more days, then a boat can take the secret friends away from the Nazis, to Sweden. But how will they get to the harbor when there is no moon, and clouds blanket the cold sky, on the night of their departure? The Whispering Town (Kar-Ben, $17.95) is born. Jennifer Elvgren’s new take on a true story, just right for introducing younger readers to the Holocaust, is perfectly balanced by Fabio Santomauro’s charming illustrations. Ages 7-10. Allison Trotter

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ISBN: 9781467711944
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Published: Kar-Ben Publishing - February 1st, 2014

Imagine for a moment your favorite instrument or style of music. How does it sound? What emotions does it evoke? Take another moment to remember that there is Music Everywhere! (Charlesbridge, $7.95), and join Maya Ajmera, Elise Hofer Derstine, and Cynthia Pon on a tour of culture, sound, and pure joy. Though the instruments of Indonesia and Venezuela may be different and the beats of Ghana and France unique, all children clap, sing, pluck, rattle, and scrape, and ultimately find refuge in the comfort that their music brings. “Music has many moods.” It brings people together from the United Kingdom to Timor-Leste; it is a language that we can all understand. Ages 4-8. Allison Trotter

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ISBN: 9781570919367
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Published: Charlesbridge - February 25th, 2014