Airplanes Take Off and Land - Patrick McBriarty, Johanna Kim

Afraid of flying, Harry boards a commercial aircraft with his aunt, who happens to be the pilot of the plane. Over the course of the hour-long flight, Harry learns the 21 steps pilots use when Airplanes Take Off and Land (CurlyQ Press, $15.95), absorbing so much that he ultimately forgets to be afraid. Author Patrick T. McBriarty walks readers through each step in clear prose, while illustrator Johanna H. Kim uses friendly animals to depict the story, making this complex process accessible for young children. The team brings aviation so vividly to life that older readers will also learn a thing or two. Ages 4-7. Allison Witten

Airplanes Take Off and Land (PTM Werks) By Patrick McBriarty, Johanna Kim (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Patrick McBriarty, Johanna Kim (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781941216040
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Published: CurlyQ Press - April 28th, 2015

Sidewalk Flowers - JonArno Lawson, Sydney Smith

The details of a bustling city are secondary to the natural loveliness a young girl finds while walking with her distracted father. Silently, she chooses and picks Sidewalk Flowers (Groundwood, $16.95), in this wordless story conceived by JonArno Lawson. Selective coloring by illustrator Sydney Smith draws attention to the beauty of the situation, increasing throughout the story as happiness spreads. A tribute to small things, small people, and small gestures, Sidewalk Flowers is a reminder of the little joys in an ever-moving world. Ages 4-7. Allison Witten

Sidewalk Flowers By Jonarno Lawson, Sydney Smith (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Jonarno Lawson, Sydney Smith (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781554984312
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Published: Groundwood Books - March 1st, 2015

Where Triplets Go, Trouble Follows - Michelle Poploff, Victoria Jamieson

Lily, Daisy, and Violet are triplets, but they’d be the first ones to tell you that they’re not identical. Lily likes to read, Daisy is into baseball, and Violet is notorious for losing things—even her homework. When an opportunity for extra credit in science class comes along, Violet accepts the challenge and reports on the similarities and differences among her family members, including the new family dog, Trouble. Author Michelle Poploff and illustrator Victoria Jamieson prove Where Triplets Go, Trouble Follows (Holiday House, $16.95) in this silly, though heartwarming, tale about family, friends, and fun. Ages 7-9. Allison Witten