Running Full Tilt - Michael Currinder

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Caleb’s autism sometimes makes it difficult for Leo to be his brother, especially when public outbursts and late-night screeching are a regular occurrence. Caleb, Leo, and their parents eventually have to move because of Caleb’s behavior towards their neighbors, and Caleb isn’t responding well to the change in routine. He begins taking his frustration out on Leo, sometimes hitting him to the point of leaving bruises. Leo begins literally running away from his problems, Running Full Tilt (Charlesbridge, $17.99) mile after mile when being around Caleb is just too much. He discovers that he’s fast, and soon Leo finds himself on the school cross country team, training hard, making friends, and spending less time with Caleb— a decision that he may soon regret when tragedy strikes. Michael Currinder’s debut novel is packed with running action perfect for every athlete, as well as relationships, drama, and emotion that will satisfy all readers. Ages 14-18.

Running Full Tilt By Michael Currinder Cover Image
ISBN: 9781580898027
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Published: Charlesbridge Teen - September 5th, 2017

Spinning - Tillie Walden

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A figure skater for twelve years, Tillie Walden has been Spinning (First Second, $17.99) through life as she desperately tries to navigate the intensity of her training schedule while also living the life of a normal suburban teen. In a world where it’s so important to appear flawless, how can a person feel so uncomfortable in her own skin? In a sport where independence matters and it’s every girl for herself, how is a competitor supposed to build lasting relationships? A graphic memoir of friends, family, figure skating, and coming out, Walden’s tale of self-doubt becoming personal triumph is raw, gripping, and sure to spark emotion. Ages 14-18.


Spinning By Tillie Walden, Tillie Walden (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Tillie Walden, Tillie Walden (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781626729407
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Published: First Second - September 12th, 2017

Hyacinth and the Secrets Beneath - Jacob Sager Weinstein

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Hyacinth has done her research and she’s sure that her facts are right: London was built long ago around a seemingly endless series of rivers. When she heads to the city to stay with her aunt, however, Hyacinth learns that maybe there’s more to the story than she realized. Her first clue is the water from the bathroom sink that has, apparently, come to life; then, there’s the mud monster that has kidnapped her mother. Aided by a magical umbrella and a wonderfully quirky cast of characters, Hyacinth embarks upon whirlwind of an adventure that takes her deep below the city streets. Jacob Sager Weinstein’s witty writing makes Hyacinth and the Secrets Beneath (Random House, $16.99) a surprising read; you may just close the back cover with a newfound skepticism of everything you thought you knew. Ages 9-12.