Dorie's Cookies - Dorie Greenspan

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For the baker in your life, renowned chef and cookbook author Dorie Greenspan has whipped up her most appetizing and tempting collection yet: a book devoted to cookies. Packed with tried-and-true favorites as well as new enticements, Dorie’s Cookies (Rux Martin, $35) is the perfect way to practice your baking skills, master a new family favorite, and ruin your diet. There are recipes for everyday confections as well as chapters on brownies, bars, special treats for particular occasions, and “cocktail cookies”—more than enough to make this book your favorite kitchen companion. Whether you’re looking for a shortbread recipe, a way to make mini pies, or instructions for a deep-fried delicacy, Dorie has you covered. Alongside ample recipes, Dorie also helps take the guesswork out of baking techniques with “The Perfect-Cookie Handbook.” Pages of tips and guidelines for a little TLC, plus a review of the proper and preferred gear, set this compilation apart and guarantee perfect treats.

Dorie's Cookies By Dorie Greenspan Cover Image
ISBN: 9780547614847
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Published: Harvest - October 25th, 2016

Whose Shoes?: A Shoe for Every Job - Stephen R. Swinburne

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New in board book for the tiniest of toes, Whose Shoes? A Shoe for Every Job (Boyds Mill, $7.99) discusses not only the importance of covering feet of all sizes, but the variety of ways to do so as well. What do we wear when we are small? When it’s hot outside? Cold? What might our favorite pair look like? After providing several examples, author/photographer Stephen R. Swinburne gives readers a chance to test their footwear knowledge by zooming in on a pair of shoes, then revealing the wearer on the very next page. From ballet slippers to construction boots, there certainly is a shoe for every job. Ages 1-4.

Whose Shoes?: A Shoe for Every Job By Stephen R. Swinburne Cover Image
ISBN: 9781629796918
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Published: Astra Young Readers - September 13th, 2016

They All Saw a Cat - Brendan Wenzel

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A cat always walks through the world with whiskers, ears, and paws, but what do different individuals see when they look at it? They All Saw a Cat (Chronicle, $16.99), that’s for sure, but what each creature perceives is starkly different. To the child, the cat is smiley, soft, and loving. To the flea, it is hairy and vast. To the mouse, it is enormous, threatening, and terrifying. Brendan Wenzel’s simple narrative and unique illustrations, whose colors and patterns shift dramatically with each new set of eyes that gazes upon this fascinating feline, show readers that perhaps perception really is relative. Ages 4-8.

They All Saw A Cat (Cat Books for Kids, Beginning Reading Books, Preschool Prep Books) By Brendan Wenzel (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Brendan Wenzel (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781452150130
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Published: Chronicle Books - August 30th, 2016