Patti Smith’s unique fusing of Rimbaud and Beat-inspired poetry to the shamanic energy of rock & roll culminated in her first record, Horses (Arista, $9.98), released in 1975, with a beautiful cover photo by Robert Mapplethorpe. Her beautifully written memoir of her years as an emerging artist, Just Kids (Ecco, $27), is an inspiring tale told with tenderness, grace, wit, and vulnerability. It’s also a dual portrait of Patti and of Robert—her serendipitous protector, lover, collaborator, and lifelong friend—in a long-lost bohemian New York of the late 1960s and early 1970s. The book features memorable appearances by Sam Shepard, Gregory Corso, Harry Smith, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and many other heroes, mentors, friends, and supporters. Just Kids is the perfect gift for present and future poets, musicians, and artists of all kinds, and describes the vision, will, and tenacity that is needed to succeed.

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Shop Class As Soulcraft (Penguin, $15) has resonated profoundly with readers and workers across the economic spectrum. Matthew Crawford, a Committee of Social Thought postdoc turned motorcycle mechanic, invites you to join him under the motorcycle lift. With lucid, methodical prose, he guides you through the daily frustrations, intellectual challenges, and achievements of a mechanic’s  work, combining it with a compelling analysis of the typical “knowledge work” expected of college graduates. His treatise shows why, on grounds both economic and Aristotelian, there may be more satisfaction and meaning to work that includes a manual component than to that bounded  by an office cubicle.

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From the opening pages, when two thieves dressed as policemen steal $500 million worth of art from a Boston museum, The Gardner Heist (HarperCollins, $14.99) speeds along like fiction. What follows is journalist Ulrich Boser’s precise, fascinating unraveling of the greatest art-crime in history and the obsessive investigations that followed. Boser illuminates the shadowy black markets that swallowed the paintings. He also shares the quirky history of the Gardner Museum itself. We meet its eccentric founder, the 19th-century heiress Isabella Stewart Gardner, along with the many art detectives, underworld denizens, and aficianados whose lives have been warped by the theft. The Gardner Heist is at once a page-turning mystery and a poignant meditation on the seductive, sometimes destructive, power of art.

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