Unbecoming - Rebecca Scherm

This book is a whirlwind of intrigue, and Rebecca Scherm creates quite the compelling character with her protagonist, Grace. First of all, Grace is a kleptomaniac, but you find yourself rooting for her by the end of the book. She is not exceptionally relatable, but there is just something about the way she develops that evokes empathy for her, and her alone. She is the mastermind behind a heist that sent two of her closest friends to prison, and after she absconds to Paris to live a life on the run, she once again ends up turning to a life a crime to survive. The story is told out of order, through a series of flashbacks, and the literary prose keeps you from putting the book down. Unbecoming is a great coming of age novel that is hard to forget.

Unbecoming: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780143128311
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Published: Penguin Books - December 1st, 2015

Bone Season - Samantha Shannon

Samantha Shannon is a refreshing new voice in what some would call the “New Adult” genre. She utilizes the imaginative characteristics of young adult writing, but introduces a complex and richly detailed plot that is most definitely for adults. Bone Season is set in London, 2059. In this world there are two types of people: Clairvoyants and Amaurotics. Clairvoyants are viewed as unnatural and taken to prison as soon as their powers are discovered. Paige Mahoney is a rare type of Clairvoyant, and a part of an underground criminal syndicate known as the Seven Seals. She is a very likeable protagonist because she is strong, intelligent, and intriguing. She adapts to all of the situations she is thrown into, and the plot twists never seem to end. The world building in this book is exceptional, and by the end you will be left wanting more!

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ISBN: 9781620402658
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Published: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC - May 6th, 2014

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ISBN: 9781632868480
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Published: Bloomsbury USA - February 7th, 2017

Red Rising - Pierce Brown

If you like mythology and other-worldly futuristic settings, then the Red Rising trilogy is for you. This book is an action packed, fast paced adventure into a dangerous dystopian world where color determines social status. Darrow is a Red who works in the mines of Mars where he believes that he is creating a better future for generations to come. But, once he sees past the lies forced on him by the Golds, he joins a rebel group, the Sons of Ares, and begins to take down his oppressors from within. The expert use of Roman mythology takes the memorable characters and the intricately devised plot to a new level. This unforgettable story will have you eager to read the next installments.

Red Rising (Red Rising Series #1) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780345539809
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Published: Del Rey - July 15th, 2014