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Look! You, who holds this Holiday Newsletter in your hands, are briefly taken aback by this sudden declaratory statement. What might distinguish this brief piece from the rest that clutter this inventory of précis? Nothing at all—nothing, that is, but this: the moment that passes as you follow this sentence to the end is the last when you know nothing of Melmoth (Custom House, $27.99), Sarah Perry's follow-up to 2016's sleeper hit The Essex Serpent. It is a novel that ranges from Prague to the Philippines, Cairo to Constantinople. An index of the horrors of fascism and society's cowardice; a map of the scars self-inflicted by the desperately penitent. It is the story of one Helen Franklin, whose search for a friend gone missing leads her down a trail of witness reaching back centuries. And it is the account of the spectral being that watches her, be it illusion or god, whose hands reach across space and time towards those who have given up hope. A gothic page-turner that is, in its own way, an aggressively contemporary book.

Melmoth: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062856395
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Published: Custom House - October 16th, 2018

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The night after finishing The Changeling, I had a nightmare so bad that I lashed out with my left foot while asleep and smashed my big toenail. Such is the degree that this book got under my skin. An inspiration for short story writers like Kelly Link and Karen Russell, The Changeling is essential reading on its own merits as a story about parenting, animals, the mundane and the starkly and horrifically transcendent.

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ISBN: 9781941040898
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Published: Tin House Books - April 10th, 2018

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Dueling colonies of beetles convinced they are humans. The memories of a city encrusted within a jewel. Plainsmen ferrying their sluglike cattle across a desert of nanomachines that respond to your dreams. This is a book of four interconnected novellas detailing futures far removed from ours, tied together by strands of tendon, regret and bloody viscera. Reminiscent of Jeff Vandermeer, Michael Cisco and Toh Enjoe. Don't read this while you're eating! 

Sisyphean Cover Image
By Dempow Torishima, Daniel Huddleston (Translated by)
ISBN: 9781421580821
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Published: Haikasoru - March 20th, 2018