Almost Interesting: The Memoir - David Spade

David Spade’s memoir reflects the adage that “Dying’s easy, Comedy is hard.” Spade’s self-deprecating sarcastic tone keeps the page turning as he narrates numerous career rejections, confrontations with Eddie Murphy, and being catfished by a Victoria’s Secret Model’s Twitter profile. At this memoir’s core are four chapters depicting consecutive seasons at Saturday Night Live, wherein Spade constantly fears expulsion for underperforming on the show, even as he clowns behind its scenes with successful castmates Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, and Chris Rock. Throw in Spade’s spats of jealousy, the sudden death of Farley, plus salient quips about “the biz” and there’s an ironic twist to David Spade's Almost Interesting.

Almost Interesting: The Memoir By David Spade Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062376978
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Published: Dey Street Books - October 27th, 2015

Almost Interesting By David Spade Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062376992
Availability: Special Order—Subject to Availability
Published: Dey Street Books - April 12th, 2016

Karankawa - Iliana Rocha

Iliana Rocha’s Karankawa is a feathered collection of words taking flight. Rocha’s relationship with her father forms one of Karankawa’s guiding winds. His bout with alcoholism painted as portrait in “Trying to Anchor You, Father”—“Amber of sclera,/ from years of aluminum/ on your lips. The beer/ still glitters your eyes & face —/ our intoxicated cloud”. Elsewhere, Rocha binds subject to imagery with erotic tethers in the serenade of “Stiletto”:“[s]he curls herself into sex loops y & g,” and the lucid “Descriptions of his Tongue,” depicting a passionate kiss as “[t]he process of sand turned to glass/being blown into a swan’s arch in my mouth.

Karankawa (Pitt Poetry Series) By Iliana Rocha Cover Image
ISBN: 9780822963844
Availability: Special Order—Subject to Availability
Published: University of Pittsburgh Press - August 28th, 2015

Dayblack - Keef Cros

Keef Cross’ DayBlack inscribes the identity of a former slave into the mores of vampire tales, tattoo culture, and the graphic novel to boot. Cross’ sleek narration is in step with DayBlack’s minimal black & white aesthetic, occasionally punctuated by red streaks of blood, or a coffin adorned with a vibrant array of stickers—each one featuring iconic hip-hop logos (Outkast, WuTang, MF Doom, etc.). Instantly, these pages will immerse you in fascination of Merce, a former slave turned vampire turned tattoo artist constantly evolving through the drama of his eternal life.