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When Lutheran minister Robert Winter proposes to Emily Dickinson she replies that she fears her muse would balk.  Then the two begin a long correspondence, as he pursues his career as army chaplain, traveling the continent from the Mexican War, to the Mormon Rebellion and the Raid on Harper’s Ferry.  Winter loses his faith, but he encounters various historical figures of the day: Abe Lincoln, a young Sam Clemens, John Wilkes Booth and others.  This beautifully written novel provides a new perspective on the 19th century and it's charming to imagine the character of Emily Dickinson as Norman Lock has written her. 

The Wreckage of Eden (American Novels) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781942658382
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Published: Bellevue Literary Press - June 5th, 2018

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In 1947 Japan, Aldred Leith is writing about the atrocities. The fire in the title might refer to Hiroshima, or to the love story between Leith and Helen Driscoll, a “changeling" who seems out of reach because of her age and circumstances.  In the rooms where Helen reads to her dying brother Benedict a friendship blossoms, full of books and deep conversation.  But the aftermath of war and Benedict's illness remind us that things must go on, even after death.  The mundane survives even (and particularly) after the momentous has passed. The writing in this exquisite novel is spare and poetic, still and distilled, with incidental sentences that stop you in your tracks.

The Great Fire: A Novel (Picador Modern Classics) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780312423582
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Published: Picador - July 2004

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In this groundbreaking book, Esther Perel, innovative author of Mating In Captivity explores the subject of infidelity and the role of the ‘third’ in the life of a couple. She calls for new definitions of monogamy and new ways of thinking about trust that will enhance active engagement and intimacy in marriage. She covers it all - from sexual alchemy, hook ups, the nature of desire and emotional affairs to the cataclysmic feelings of betrayal and loss experienced by a jilted partner. She also guides the reader through different ways couples come back from crisis and redefine their marriages. This book is for everyone - single or married, gay or straight in committed relationships or looking for new ways to navigate them.

The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062322586
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Published: Harper - October 10th, 2017