The Job of the Wasp - Colin Winnette

Staff Pick

Unreliable narrators are the best narrators. Unreliable narrators with homicidal tendencies in a creepy orphanage where everyone else also seems to have homicidal tendencies are even better. For proof, read Colin Winnette’s perfectly paranoid and spooky Job of the Wasp. The narrative burrows into your mind and nips off tiny chunks of it until you are not quite sure who is telling the truth. Best read on a gray night with a hot drink.

The Job of the Wasp: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9781593766801
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Published: Soft Skull - January 9th, 2018

Haunted Nights - Lisa Morton

Staff Pick

Have you noticed the turn? The night has begun its slow and steady march to consume the day. There’s the barest hint of a chill. October is here and lurking at the end of the month is Halloween. What better time is there to read Haunted Nights? This excellent collection of horror short stories celebrate the coming of All Hallows’ Eve with frightening tales. For a truly scary experience, read these when you’re home alone at night like I did. You’ll be left wondering if that’s just a trick of the shadow or is something staring at you from the dark.

Haunted Nights (Blumhouse Books) Cover Image
By Lisa Morton (Editor), Ellen Datlow (Editor)
ISBN: 9781101973837
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Published: Anchor - October 3rd, 2017

Carrie - Stephen King

Staff Pick

This classic King novel about a bullied high school girl with telekinetic ability taking revenge against her tormentors is now pop-culture famous. Although the plot may be familiar, the story is worth a revisit, and the book is styled in a powerful and original way quite distinct from King’s later work, peppered with invented news reports, scientific studies on telekinesis, first-hand accounts, and police dispatches. "Carrie" is full of unforgettable, complex characters and seethes with dueling veins of cruelty and compassion. Bring the paperback on a road trip or be the creepiest kid reading this in the corner at summer camp (that was me, and I turned out ok). 

Carrie Cover Image
ISBN: 9780307743664
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Published: Anchor - August 30th, 2011