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Mystery, sci-fi, Socratic dialogue, retelling of “Hansel and Gretel”: The Taiga Syndrome is a delightful shape-shifter of a novel. A detective turned creator of detective fiction finds herself called back into being a detective, voyaging into the wilds of Russia to track down a runaway woman. What we know: she seems to have found another man. What we learn: she may have found the very edges of the universe. The dispatches our detective writes, alongside her mysterious companion-translator, are philosophical and playful in equal measure, with each chapter its own provocative question.

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ISBN: 9780997366679
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Published: Dorothy a Publishing Project - October 2018

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When Sam Munson’s new novel opens, our protagonist Professor Pushkin, a specialist in prison architecture, is traveling to an overseas conference in Argentina, all with the ulterior motive of meeting up with the fellow academic he has a crush on. When he arrives, she’s nowhere to be found, and the town is crawling in roving packs of dogs by night and sinister blue-clad workers by day. Borges and Cortazar get name-checked toward the end, but Dog Symphony is much more than a tribute to their mind-bending stories (not to mention those of Bruno Schulz, Thomas Bernhard, and—of course—Franz Kafka). It’s a darkly comic shadow version of our own turbulent world, with its embattled humanities, student uprisings, and hope that a better existence might live on in our dogs.

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ISBN: 9780811227681
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Published: New Directions Publishing Corporation - August 28th, 2018

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If Ling Ma’s debut novel seems at all familiar, she’s carefully calibrated that feeling: it’s an apocalypse novel that could be happening right now. (It’s not for nothing that it’s actually set in the recent past.) The “fevered” zombies’ routines are commonplace: setting dinner tables, folding shirts, wandering name-brand stores, but with the added benefit of quicker-than-average bodily decay. It’s funny except when it’s horrifying; it’s horrifying except when it’s oddly comforting. That ambivalent tonal mixture is just one piece of what makes Ma’s writing so unique and captivating. Severance rushes forward on information overflow—on the ins and outs of collector’s edition Bible production, on the lives of Chinese immigrants in late-80s Utah, and on the name brands we all know and love-hate—because if that rush stopped, would we all fall into zombified oblivion too?

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By Ling Ma
ISBN: 9780374261597
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Published: Farrar, Straus and Giroux - August 14th, 2018