In Out of Sight, William Hackman's writing on Los Angeles in the 1960s is as full of lucidity and subtly cosmic interrogation as the art of Bengston, Ruscha, Celmins, and others that he takes for his subject. Most refreshingly, it serves as a city portrait that treats Los Angeles as a place as opposed to a symbol, where the Hollywood sign is less an emblem of a glitzy Babylon than a piece of an urban landscape, one whose horizon lines and subcultures point to lofty visions of a more mystical variety than the movie industry depicts. Read inside to see how these visions mutate through exposure to police investigation, New York art scene interference, and suburban bureaucracies - it’s a fascinating history.

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Is Dhalgren even sci-fi or just an epic ode to American fringe society? Pure intimacy rendered as a city that has apocalyptically emptied to the point where few can be total strangers? An overwhelmingly sensual catalogue of physical and mental gestures, captured in the strangest, smallest details? A world marked by double moons, hologram-sporting gangs, and - more than anything - free time? A haven for artistic freedom or a trap built more for stagnation than for flourishing? Dhalgren is absolutely all of these and much more. As an introduction to Samuel Delany - one of the most idiosyncratic literary minds of the late twentieth century, in and out of science fiction - you could do worse than starting with this, his magnum opus, which is by turns as outré as it is tender and as dense as it is hyper-lucid. Even if you never finish it, Dhalgren and the relationships within will be there to color your world for a long time to come.

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The Dream of My Return is the character portrait of someone superficially very similar to its author, Horacio Castellanos Moya: an El Salvadoran journalist who has fled civil war to live in Mexico. Now he wants to return home at a time of highly questionable safety. It’s worth leaving to the reader the events of his preparation in this short, sharp novella, but they include acupuncture, family secrets, hitmen, hallucinogens, and - above all - the narrator’s all-consuming paranoia surrounding each of these things. Told in fluid and wildly extended sentences that never fail to circle back on themselves in the narrator’s addled efforts to explain and justify himself, Castellanos Moya has crafted an hysterical novel in both senses of the word.

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