The Dream of My Return is the character portrait of someone superficially very similar to its author, Horacio Castellanos Moya: an El Salvadoran journalist who has fled civil war to live in Mexico. Now he wants to return home at a time of highly questionable safety. It’s worth leaving to the reader the events of his preparation in this short, sharp novella, but they include acupuncture, family secrets, hitmen, hallucinogens, and - above all - the narrator’s all-consuming paranoia surrounding each of these things. Told in fluid and wildly extended sentences that never fail to circle back on themselves in the narrator’s addled efforts to explain and justify himself, Castellanos Moya has crafted an hysterical novel in both senses of the word.

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Early in Iranian political exile Kader Abdolah’s The King, a character introduces the shah of Persia to a secret trove of Indian jewels with the line, “Welcome to history.” It’s a statement whose simplicity and grandeur apply equally to the book itself, which Abdolah relates in the manner of an ancient legend, even as it dramatizes the very real history of nineteenth century Persia. As with his prior novel, a sensation in his adopted country of Holland set amid the Iranian Revolution, Abdolah finds his way into the grey areas of political process and imperial luxury through prose whose light tread accumulates substantial moral force. At the center is an indelible portrait of the young Shah Naser, an anti-hero adrift in a confusing world of inchoate democracy, unreadable colonialists, and awesome, awesome electric lights.

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If the cover of People of the Twenty-First Century makes an immediate visual statement, the rest of this book is the ensuing manifesto. Each page captures between fifteen minutes and three hours in the life of a variety of global street corners, during which time Dutch photographer Hans Eijkelboom does more than merely chronicle the parade of humanity. He observes very particular recurring forms with unnerving precision, from Parisian women in leopard-print coats to Amsterdam men in trademark "Rolling Stones tongue" t-shirts to Shanghai commuters biking in ponchos. Unlike in his precursor August Sander’s People of the Twentieth Century, Eijkelboom never defines these archetypes, as they’re not immediately meaningful categories that he creates. The arrangements of people do nag at you, though, whether that twinge is uneasiness or witty pleasure at the repetitions of collective, consumer life. Either way, the book is a remarkable act of hypnosis.

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By Hans Eijkelboom, David Carrier (Introduction by)
ISBN: 9780714867151
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