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Ikonomou's book is an up-to-the-minute fictional portrait of a Greek island as seen by Athens-raised "foreigners" increasingly populating it in the wake of economic crisis and German austerity, much to the resentment of island natives. That premise alone can suggest an explosion of themes and dilemmas -- gentrification, migration, squandered education, a still-mythic national identity in a time of tourism and squalor -- but it's the individual scenes and the fractured charm of the characters that speak loudest: a drunk searching a cave for his lost boy, a couple hoping to start a restaurant without upsetting the neighbors, and a slew of other idealists hoping that good will, indeed, comes from the sea. Let this book sit with you, and you'll feel it slowly expanding within you, waiting to explode.

Good Will Come From the Sea Cover Image
By Christos Ikonomou, Karen Emmerich (Translated by)
ISBN: 9781939810212
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Published: Archipelago - March 12th, 2019

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What is it about unfinished projects that makes them so alluring? I could give you all the usual pop-philosophical theories, or I could just hand you this Ivan Vladislavic miracle-book: a collection of some of his favorite ideas that didn't make it past the idea phase, revisited and expanded with musings on their genesis and all variety of mental tangents their concepts have called up for him over the years. Vladislavic might not be as well known here as in his native South Africa, but it's pieces like these, composed under the stars of Calvino and Borges, that make the case for him as a worldwide treasure.

The Loss Library and Other Unfinished Stories (The Africa List) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780857425881
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Published: Seagull Books - September 15th, 2018

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The Milk Bowl of Feathers is “Essential Surrealist Writings”, all the more so for being made of so many underrecognized creators and works. It’s poetry; it’s stories and their excerpts; it’s manifestos and niggling obsessions. It’s an excellent primer: short and diverse, with every piece adding something that could only be added by that piece in particular. It’s a great reminder that the most radical writers and thinkers were responsible for the most beautiful love notes (see: Breton’s “Dear Hazel of Squirrelnut, see: Robert Desnos’s “I Have Dreamed of You So Much”, see: everything by Paul Eluard). And it’s a refreshing and perfectly unconventional gift book.

The Milk Bowl of Feathers: Essential Surrealist Writings Cover Image
By Mary Ann Caws (Editor)
ISBN: 9780811227070
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Published: New Directions Publishing Corporation - September 25th, 2018