November 17, 2014

Mark Leibovich spoke about his book, Citizens of the Green Room: Profiles in Courage and Self-Delusion, at Politics & Prose on Monday November 17, 2014.

A brilliant reporter with a talent for subversive, engaging storytelling, Leibovich maintains a refreshing conviviality with many of his subjects even as he renders incisive and unflinching assessments. His features have driven the national conversation while exposing the fallibilities of the kingmakers and media stars: consider his 2007 profile of Hillary Clinton, which unearthed a treasure trove of old letters that the then senator had written as a vulnerable young college student; or his much-talked-about 2010 portrait of Glenn Beck, which laid bare the tortured soul and precarious standing of the once invincible host and his uneasy relationship with his soon-to-be ex-employer FOX News. In the political arena, Leibovich’s portraits of John Kerry, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, and John McCain are already classics; they invariably remind us that great journalism and stylish writing are not only essential to the Republic but necessary to maintain the citizenry’s sanity and humor in the face of made-for-TV government.

Citizens of the Green Room: Profiles in Courage and Self-Delusion By Mark Leibovich Cover Image
ISBN: 9780147516466
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Published: Penguin Books - November 10th, 2015


November 7, 2014

Carl Kasell spoke about his book, Wait Wait...I'm Not Done Yet!, with NPR's Jean Cochran at Politics & Prose on Friday November 7, 2014.

The NPR legend's memoir will delight fans of "Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me!" as it follows Carl's career from North Carolina where he was a student of Andy Griffith and classmate of Charles Kuralt, to Washington, D.C., where he supervised Katie Couric, and for 30 years was the news anchor of NPR's award-winning "Morning Edition," the most-listened to morning news program in America.


October 27, 2014

Matt Bai spoke about his book, All the Truth Is Out: The Week Politics Went Tabloid, at Politics & Prose on Monday October 27, 2014.

In 1987, Gary Hart-articulate, dashing, refreshingly progressive-seemed a shoo-in for the Democratic nomination for president and led George H. W. Bush comfortably in the polls. And then: rumors of marital infidelity, an indelible photo of Hart and a model snapped near a fatefully named yacht (Monkey Business), and it all came crashing down in a blaze of flashbulbs, the birth of 24-hour news cycles, tabloid speculation, and late-night farce. Matt Bai shows how the Hart affair marked a crucial turning point in the ethos of political media-and, by extension, politics itself-when candidates' "character" began to draw more fixation than their political experience. Bai offers a poignant, highly original, and news-making reappraisal of Hart's fall from grace (and overlooked political legacy) as he makes the compelling case that this was the moment when the paradigm shifted-private lives became public, news became entertainment, and politics became the stuff of Page Six.

All the Truth Is Out: The Week Politics Went Tabloid By Matt Bai Cover Image
ISBN: 9780307474681
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Published: Vintage - September 15th, 2015