The Son - Philipp Meyer

Philipp Meyer’s epic and masterful novel, The Son (Ecco, $27.99), tells the story of the McCullough family, early settlers in the newly established Republic of Texas. Eli, who will live to be the patriarch of subsequent generations of McCulloughs, watches his family die at the hands of marauding Comanches, who then kidnap him and raise him as one of their own. Eli’s son, Peter, faced with having to displace the original inhabitants of the area, lacks his father’s cold, violent pragmatism. Eli’s great-granddaughter, Jeannie, however, against all odds rises to manage the family’s great fortune after oil is discovered on their homestead. The stories of each of these memorable characters intertwine to produce a grand saga, not just of Texas, but of America and its westward expansion.  

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ISBN: 9780062120397
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Published: Ecco - May 28th, 2013

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ISBN: 9780062120403
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Published: Ecco - January 28th, 2014

Bring up the Bodies - Hilary Mantel

Were you one of the many who loved the Man Booker prize-winning novel, Wolf Hall? The sequel—another Man-Booker winner—and the second in a planned trilogy, Bring up the Bodies (Holt, $28), is just as good, possibly better. Hilary Mantel dramatizes the last few months in the life of Anne Boleyn, largely from the point of view of the increasingly ruthless Thomas Cromwell, the man most responsible for bringing her down. The taut story line moves remorselessly toward the queen’s inevitable doom, contrasting dramatically with Mantel’s lyrical, liquid prose. Most astonishing is this writer’s uncanny ability to place us exactly where she wants us with a brief, descriptive turn of phrase. We see the faint outline of the future—an unbelieving queen, the compliant, complacent Jane Seymour waiting in the wings, Cromwell himself, mature and self-confident, almost at peace with himself, but becoming perhaps too necessary to his jealous and unpredictable monarch.

Bring Up the Bodies: A Novel (Wolf Hall Trilogy #2) By Hilary Mantel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780805090031
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Published: Henry Holt and Co. - May 8th, 2012

Bring Up the Bodies: A Novel (Wolf Hall Trilogy #2) By Hilary Mantel Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250024176
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Published: Picador - May 7th, 2013

Gods Without Men - Hari Kunzru

Hari Kunzru’s fourth novel, Gods Without Men (Knopf, $26.95), is set in the Mojave desert in a variety of times, from the mythic era of Native American tales to the high-tech 21st century. Kunzru shuffles a number of stories—some extended narratives, others one-time glimpses—and all of them are absorbing. This multilayered structure enacts his thematic concern with pattern and the larger meaning—or mystery— available in coincidence and recurrence. The desert, after all, is where people go to search for truth, have visions, meet extra-terrestrials, do drugs, or just get lost; the place they go when life is too much or too little. All of these scenarios are in play here, and Kunzru builds a stunning, moving novel out of a UFO cult, hippies, and a family cracking apart under the strain of caring for an autistic son, and then enduring the media spotlight when he disappears in the desert.

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ISBN: 9780307946973
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Published: Vintage - January 8th, 2013