National Geographic Atlas of Beer: A Globe-Trotting Journey Through the World of Beer - Nancy Hoalst-Pullen, Mark Patterson

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Beer lovers unite in this truly unique volume that celebrates the vibrant and exciting culture of beer drinkers around the world. “A globetrotting journey through the world of beer,” Atlas of Beer (National Geographic, $40) collects maps, timelines, historic and modern photographs, and a seemingly endless parade of facts and anecdotes that dive deep into the process of making, tasting, and appreciating beer. Authors, professors, and passionate beer lovers Nancy Hoalst-Pullen and Mark W. Patterson have conveniently organized information by continent, presenting the ingredients, rituals, and lifestyles throughout each region that revolve around the crisp flavor of fermented hops. Everything you ever wanted to know about Oktoberfest, Trappist ales, home brewing trends, the IPA hype, and even which glass you’re supposed to drink from can be found between these covers. Perfect for the beer drinker or geography and history buff in your life, Atlas of Beer will encourage them to raise their glass to the vibrant, rich, and rapidly growing community of beer!

National Geographic Atlas of Beer: A Globe-Trotting Journey Through the World of Beer By Nancy Hoalst-Pullen Cover Image
ISBN: 9781426218330
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Published: National Geographic - September 19th, 2017

Energy: Cocktails to Get You Up - Stephanie Russ

No cocktail guide is going to make you giggle as much as this one, whether that’s in the process of downing its drinks or reading its contents. In an age of cookbooks that double—or even primarily function—as art books, this one satirizes and flirts with that trope in equal measure (not only are there off-the-wall recipes, there are also wonderful photographic interpretations of them). It dares you to muster the courage to meet its hedonistic standard. No one believes in the spiritual power that comes from the meeting of alcohol, energy drinks, and laughter quite like Steph Russ.

Energy: Cocktails to Get You UP By Steph Russ, Pete Deevakul (By (photographer)) Cover Image
By Steph Russ, Pete Deevakul (By (photographer))
ISBN: 9781576877845
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Published: powerHouse Books - December 8th, 2015

Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails, with More than 500 Recipes - David Kaplan, Nick Fauchald, Alex Day

Crafted with passion and skill, beautiful to look at, pleasing to hold, imbuing class and poise, and quite functional, Death & Co (Ten Speed, $40) is the cocktail-book version of a perfect cocktail. Death & Co is a small cocktail bar in New York’s East Village. It’s also a giant of the classic cocktail revival and home to some of the best bartenders in the world. Owner David Kaplan and his staff have produced this book with the same rigor and attention to detail with which they make drinks. Not surprisingly, Death & Co’s ingredients—clean design and expert knowledge—are of the highest quality, but the structure of the book is also logical and useful. In a genre where books are usually either pretty and inaccessible or drab and functional, Death & Co finds a perfect balance.
Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails, with More than 500 Recipes By David Kaplan, Nick Fauchald, Alex Day Cover Image
ISBN: 9781607745259
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Published: Ten Speed Press - October 7th, 2014