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In this compilation of thoughts and meditations on beauty, nature, art, meaning, architecture, and the fascinating idea of Atlantis, renowned architect Renzo Piano and his son, Carlo Piano, a curious explorer and journalist, send readers on an amusing sea adventure. While Carlo is skeptical of the audacious quest to find the lost island, Renzo is determined to see through what has been a decades-long dream. Their conversations debunk myths and trace ideas woven with historical anecdotes, design processes, and an obsession with exploring cities--mainly by sailing. An absolute delight to read!  


Atlantis: A Journey in Search of Beauty Cover Image
By Carlo Piano, Renzo Piano, Will Schutt (Translator)
ISBN: 9781609456238
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Published: Europa Compass - November 3rd, 2020

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Meeks extensive knowledge in the preservation world as head of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and formerly of The Nature Conservancy makes her voice on the importance of treasuring the old built environment of superior note. Making the case that old buildings in cities are beneficial on all fronts from financial to environmental, Meeks points us towards a vision of the future city as one that is diverse in it's built make-up reflecting the values of the modern era for diversity and respect. Revealing research finds blocks with smaller, older buildings have more stores owned by women and minorities, they are more diverse ethnically and economically in their tenant make-up. Anyone who is interested in urban design and the future of our growing cities will want to read this.

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ISBN: 9781610917094
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Published: Island Press - October 4th, 2016

How perniciously do we judge people on the style of their home and landscaping? What beliefs about society can children pick up from public school design? And how might a desire for increased market share affect hospital design? Architecture is a forthcoming language, and just as she did in her now-canonical The Language of Clothes, Alison Lurie has written a probing primer to the vivid, infinitely subtle semiotics of the material world. Rather than a phrasebook to the jargon of architecture, The Language of Houses (Delphinium, $25.95) is a thorough but accessible exploration of all that buildings communicate, intentionally or unintentionally. Despite the title, the discussion is hardly confined to residences; hospitals and “Houses of God,” big box stores and mental institutions, restaurants and government monuments are all considered, revealing fascinating connections between the discipline of architecture and economics, religious belief, social dynamics, health, and civics. A Pulitzer-laureled novelist and critic, Lurie wears her learning lightly, and peppers the book with personal anecdotes and apt references to literature and its fictional buildings. Using this extended metaphor of language, she illustrates the variations of tone and diction, dialect and volume, depth of vocabulary and syntactical complexity, to which each and every structure is subject. Whether you’re ashamed that you don’t know more about architecture, or are perfectly fluent in its grammar, you’ll delight in this extended appreciation of its capacities.

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ISBN: 9781883285609
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Published: Delphinium - August 19th, 2014

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ISBN: 9781883285661
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Published: Delphinium - September 8th, 2015