In this, his first book, actor Jesse Eisenberg offers a collection of pieces—some of which have appeared in The New Yorker—showcasing his wit, intelligence, imagination, and keen reflections on life’s absurdities. He muses on such topics as family, dating, history, sports, and self-help, and employs a variety of styles, from longer passages that follow a narrative arc to brief punchline bits. A review of the book in Publishers Weekly noted that Jesse is frequently compared to Woody Allen, with whom Jesse has worked. Indeed, the two share an affinity for neurotic, difficult characters with anxious mothers and therapists. But as another reviewer noted, Eisenberg’s stories may have more in common with Steve Martin “in the way they often subvert comic convention and, more significantly, in how the author empathizes with his characters.” However tempting it might be to try to compare Eisenberg to some of the great comic artists, it’s clear from this book that he’s emerging as an original.

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What if The Exorcist had the soundtrack of Top Gun? Or if Ray Russell’s The Case Against Satan had been republished as a Trapper Keeper instead of a Penguin Classic? Grady Hendrix’s My Best Friend’s Exorcism answers those questions head-on with humor, satire, and horror. Set in a private high school in 1988, the novel is as much about the religious and consumer values that posses the culture as the devil that possess the best friend. But unlike Satin, Hendrix has a light touch and My Best Friend’s Exorcism’s cassette tape of social commentary is wrapped in a Teddy Ruxpin of drama and suspense. Hendrix’s writing is fun, smart, and a must-read for both fans of horror and for children of the '80s. But you don’t have to take my word for it.

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Jean Ferry is best-known for two reasons, first as an early champion of foundational French avant-gardist Raymond Roussel, second as a screenwriter for some of France’s great luminary directors. It turns out he was also one of the country’s most gifted creators of surreal short fiction. Fishing communities that fish for birds from hot-air balloons. Secret societies so secret its highest officials might not know they’re involved. A mountaineer who rappels down a dark crevasse into…a house in Scotland? Ferry somehow extracts the poignancy from these obviously charming scenarios, all told in delightful bursts of only a handful of pages apiece, each with an accompanying illustration reminiscent of a Gustave Dore print.

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By Jean Ferry, Claude Ballaré (Illustrator), Edward Gauvin (Translator)
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