Bombay Blues - Tanuja Desai Hidier

In Bombay Blues (Push, $18.99), the companion novel to Born Confused, Tanuja Desai Hidier revisits the adventures of Dimple Lala, now 19. Dimple is going back to India for the first time since her grandfather died, and seeking closure. She hoped she’d get to explore what India means to her with boyfriend Karsh, but it seems like life has other plans. Hidier’s lyrical language is a mix of teenage slang, music, and poetry. This stunning novel is as beautiful for its prose as its story.  Ages 15 and up. SB

The Book of Three, 50th Anniversary Edition - Lloyd Alexander, Shannon Hale

Pigs abound in children’s literature: Charlotte’s Web, Winnie-the-Pooh, Mercy Watson… Hen-Wen the oracular pig, who was introduced to the world fifty years ago in the first book of Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain, The Book of Three (Holt, $24.99), is one of the most interesting of the lot. When Hen-Wen runs off, and there are signs of the return of Arawn the Death-Lord, blundering Assistant Pig-Keeper, Taran, finds himself in the center of a fight to save the kingdom of Prydain. Drawing on Celtic mythology, Alexander weaves an entirely unique story. This 50th-anniversary edition is beautifully clothbound, and features a wonderful introduction by Shannon Hale.  Ages 9-12. SB

The Seasons - John N. Serio, Robert Crockett

Editor John N. Serio’s collection of poems encourages readers to notice the distinct pleasures of each season. The selections are accompanied by a brief biography of the poet and Robert Crockett’s evocative paintings, which reflect the essence of the poems. Whether it’s Nikki Giovanni conjuring memories of Southern summers with vivid descriptions of food and people, or Langston Hughes comparing hope to a warmth that keeps out the chill of winter, Poetry for Young People: The Seasons (Sterling, $14.95) reminds us of the importance of seasons in our lives.  Ages 10 and up. SB