The Saint of Bright Doors by Vajra Chandrasekera

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Chandrasekera makes an SFF debut that's exceedingly fascinating and entirely unique. The protagonist, Fetter, has been destined since birth to kill his father and take his place at the head of an all-consuming behemoth of a religion--but he would simply rather not. He's already spent years being trained in the arts of assassination and radicalized by a revolutionary cult and has barely made it out with his selfhood intact (he's literally shadowless). He joins a support group for similarly situated redeemers/destroyers, tries to get a real job, and keep both feet on the ground (as a side effect of being shadowless, Fetter can and will float away if his focus slips). This book does weirder and more daring things with confluences of religion and magic than I have ever encountered, and the plotting is a continual delight of shattered expectations. Reckoning with the afterlives of childhood trauma, colonialism, religion, and the conventions of genre fiction itself, Chandrasekera isn't afraid to pose enormous questions: can we escape our destinies? Can we change them?


The Saint of Bright Doors By Vajra Chandrasekera Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250847386
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Published: Tor Books - July 11th, 2023

A Half-Built Garden by Ruthanna Emrys

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It's 2083 and humanity still hasn't fully healed our planet from the myriad catastrophes of climate change, but through community organization and solidarity, we've made a start by fending off the twin hegemonies of capitalism and empire. So when sensors detect unfamiliar pollutants in the Chesapeake Bay, a local chemist is sent to find out what's dispersing the contamination. Turns out, it's aliens! But they come in peace! Or rather, they come in something a bit more overbearing and sinister. Having learned about humanity from the arrival of light-years' old radio signals, these aliens are convinced that humanity, the first other sentient species they have found, needs saving from itself before we destroy our own home. A fierce reckoning with and refutation of sci-fi and space opera's frequently colonialist roots, this novel is perfect for fans of Ursula K. Le Guin and Octavia Butler and is at every turn more hopeful and wonderful than I could ever expect.


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ISBN: 9781250210999
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Published: Tor Books - June 27th, 2023

Web of Angels by John M. Ford

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This is one of those books that blows the top off of your head and puts it back on crooked, leaving you with a completely changed perspective. Cyberpunk-esque, but predating the literary and technological movements, Ford's work predicts a swathe of weird things about our modern world and deserves to stand alongside the most lyrical and beautifully wrought works of SFF. It's eminently readable, exciting, and rollicking, but still filled with plenty of the mysterious, including esoteric tarot myths.

Web of Angels By John M. Ford, Cory Doctorow (Introduction by) Cover Image
By John M. Ford, Cory Doctorow (Introduction by)
ISBN: 9781250269140
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Published: Tor Books - April 30th, 2024