Tell it Slant by John Yau

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Tell It Slant. Sound familiar? Yau's title is a double-entendre that references Emily Dickinson's famous line "Tell all the truth but tell it slant--" (often taken as advice for the aspiring poet), but also slyly alludes to a rise in anti-Asian American violence, particularly in Yau's hometown of New York City (check out the epigraphs). It's also a lovely book that engages deeply with Yau's knowledge of the visual arts world, enacting dialogues with genre fiction and delivering those explorations through the observations and adventures of a cast of poetic personae drawn in part from Chinese and American literary traditions. Overall, the book is funny, politically incisive, sad, and thoughtful, more often than not -- all at the same time.

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ISBN: 9781632431257
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Published: Omnidawn - October 6th, 2023

Fierce Elegy by Peter Gizzi

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Fierce Elegy showcases Peter Gizzi letting loose--and makes a great starting point for exploring the work of a fantastic poet. The book-length poem is beautiful, daring, and pushes the limits of prose-poetry and condensed lyric for a work that is much greater than the sum of its parts. By turns emotional, mournful, unashamedly confused, and afraid, this profoundly metaphysical poem will delight new readers as it navigates ideas of ghosts, death, myth, and self through breathtaking and syntactically daring lyrics. As Gizzi remarked in Poetry magazine: "I think I am a narrative poet -- I'm just narrating my bewilderment as a citizen."



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ISBN: 9780819500687
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Published: Wesleyan University Press - August 8th, 2023

The Kissing of Kissing by Hannah Emerson

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Looking for a new poetry book with unique stylistic flair? Hannah Emerson is a nonspeaking autistic poet who totally reworks the genre's foundations for her written voice. The result is a collection brimming over with emotion: here are poems that explore how love, physical contact, and emotion shake the foundations of communication. In that discord, in the desire to be heard, in the reaching towards perfect communication, Emerson weaves poetry with a unique catharsis: "Please get that you help me explode/ into myself of great poetry yes yes./ Please get kissing is exploding/ yes/ yes./ Please get that you need/ to only explode/ into yourself nothing/ yes/ yes/ yes.”

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ISBN: 9781571315496
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Published: Milkweed Editions - March 8th, 2022