Grief is for People by Sloane Crosley

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Profound meditations on love and grief are best when they're as hilarious as they are heart-wrenching. This story centers on two losses--a theft and a suicide, the latter of the author’s best friend, Russell, who was also her boss. An older gay man and publicity exec, he took Crosley under his wing at a prestigious NYC publishing house. His bawdy and brash sense of humor (i.e. calling her a “toothless hooker” from a place of love) also got him into trouble with HR. Then there was his habit of inviting favorite staff members to his country house every weekend. This book has everything except answers. 

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ISBN: 9780374609849
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Published: MCD - February 27th, 2024

White Rural Rage by Tom Schaller and Paul Waldman

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To understand Trump's rise, you need to understand white, rural rage. Schaller's book provides an engaging and well researched investigation into the historical, economic, social, and moral shifts that have radicalized rural voters, revealing how the GOP has capitalized on the greatest political opportunity imaginable: a devoted base of hardline supporters who don’t care if their government delivers services or helps their communities. Paying particular attention to former Obama strongholds that now align themselves with Trump, Schaller demystifies the profound illogic of MAGA conservatism.

White Rural Rage: The Threat to American Democracy By Tom Schaller, Paul Waldman Cover Image
ISBN: 9780593729144
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Published: Random House - February 27th, 2024

Self-Portraits by Osamu Dazai

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The renegade son of a wealthy Japanese landowning family, the young Dazai (1909-1948) squandered his princely allowance on dandyish clothing, sake, and geishas. Later, cut off and impoverished, addicted to opioids and alcohol, and seesawing between doomed, suicidal romances and a loveless arranged marriage, he found the autobiographical voice that captured the depths and the banalities of his life in moving, brilliant prose. There is no more honest or eloquent writer on the darkest strains of human experience—self-loathing, suicide, addiction, humiliation, and shame. Dazai is a true friend in life’s most hopeless trenches.

Self-Portraits: Stories By Osamu Dazai, Ralph McCarthy (Translated by) Cover Image
By Osamu Dazai, Ralph McCarthy (Translated by)
ISBN: 9780811232265
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Published: New Directions - February 6th, 2024