The Seventy Great Mysteries Of The Natural World (Thames & Hudson, $45) is a stunning collection of essays and photographs on a large array of subjects.  Broken down into seven sections, each containing ten essays, the book asks, among a great number of other things, “How did the Earth form?” “What makes volcanoes explode?” “How did the eye evolve?” “Why are insects so diverse?” and finally, in the last section, “What will Earth’s climate be like in the future?” Seventy Great Mysteries will certainly find a home on many families’ reference shelves; this is a book for all ages.  Editor Michael J. Benton has assembled a talented group of contributors, each an expert in his or her field. Their clear, cogent explanations, together with color photographs, drawings, graphs, and illustrations, make this a wonderful book to browse in and learn from.

The Seventy Great Mysteries of the Natural World Cover Image
By Michael J. Benton (Editor)
ISBN: 9780500251430
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Published: Thames & Hudson - October 2008

Master Chef Joel Robuchon has distilled decades of culinary experience into a single volume, The Complete Robuchon (Knopf, $35).  A hefty book (more than 800 pages), it starts with the basics: a glossary of terms, essential equipment, methods of cooking, and recipes for stocks and sauces.  The recipes that follow emphasize freshness and quality of ingredients while Robuchon’s descriptions clearly and precisely detail the process.  Classics such as Beef Bourguignon, Cassoulet, and Sole Meuniere retain all their rustic charm and simplicity while the author has clearly kept the American home kitchen very much in mind.  There are a wide variety of salads, vegetable dishes, soups, and desserts.  What you won’t find here are pages of glossy photos of happy country people, romantic landscapes, and the author grinning while sniffing an eggplant.  This is a book that promises to collect sauce splatters, butter stains, and dog-eared corners, a practical book for serious cooks.

The Complete Robuchon Cover Image
By Joel Robuchon, Robin H. R. Bellinger (Translated by)
ISBN: 9780307267191
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Published: Knopf - November 4th, 2008

Full of illustrations, profiles, and stories spanning the history of American movie-making, You Must Remember This: The Warner Bros. Story (Running Press, $50) is a stunning tribute to the studio that produced The Jazz Singer, Casablanca, Bugs Bunny, Superman, and countless other iconic screen images.  The text by Richard Schickel and George Perry chronicles the life of the studio, from the early days of Sam, Harry, Jack, and Albert Warner and the transition from silents to talkies, through the classic noir ’40s and ’50s, the troubled ’70s and ’80s, up to the present age of media conglomeration and the blockbuster.