The Fortune Men, by Nadifa Mohamed

Staff Pick

Mohamed's Booker Prize-short listed novel brings to vivid life both 1950s Great Britain and the experiences of the young Somali immigrant who was the last person to be executed in Cardiff. Fully evoking both the man and the society--flaws and all--the captivating prose conveys a deeply human story of anger and racism, condescension and police indifference to hostility against the immigrant community that made life for them akin to a tightrope walk over a gaping abyss. Though drawn from events 70 years in the past, the injustices and tensions Mohamed recounts continue to plague us, making this historical fiction as contemporary as today's headlines.  



The Fortune Men: A novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780593534366
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Published: Knopf - December 14th, 2021

The Final Revival of Opal & Nev, by Dawnie Walton

Staff Pick

A flurry of recent novels has turned fictional cultural anthropology—works tracing cultural history through invented musicians and artists—into a distinct sub-genre. Walton’s contribution stands out as a shining example. In it, a young journalist is investigating how the life of her father, a drummer, intersected with that of an iconoclastic Black woman artist. Told through interviews, articles, and traditional narrative that span several decades and focus on US and British cultural scenes, Walton has crafted an engaging novel which also challenges the reader to reconsider long-held assumptions and beliefs about real-world culture and history.      

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ISBN: 9781982140168
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Published: 37 Ink - March 30th, 2021

Our Country Friends, by Gary Shteyangart

Staff Pick

I am typically wary of novels dealing with recent events, particularly those that are still unfolding in the real world. But this being Shteyngart, the master of the sad sack protagonist, I had to give it a chance. Of course his trademark wry humor is in full force here as are his captivating observations--his sideways view of things typically seen straight on or not at all. But compassion for his flawed characters--these emblems of a troubled world--shines through as well, and Shteyngart is ultimately able to chart a way forward despite all the pain.  This is among the first pandemic novels (of what is sure to be an overwhelming flood) and it has set the bar high.

Our Country Friends: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9781984855121
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Published: Random House - November 2nd, 2021