Thorpe is a meticulous reporter who spent years interviewing three women who signed up for the Indiana National Guard before 9/11 only to find that their lives would be forever changed, and not always for the better, by the service they gave. Thorpe had access not only to her subjects and their families, friends, and colleagues, but also to emails, therapists’ notes, and other personal documents. The book explores and illuminates the realities of a volunteer military asked to wage war in far-off and challenging lands. Thorpe has given us a fascinating – and essential – look at the human costs of America’s war on terror.

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Susan Coll, director of events and programs at Politics & Prose, is an accomplished novelist whose fifth book, The Stager (Sarah Crichton, $26), is set, like some of her earlier works, in a tony Washington area zip code (local readers may feel sure that The Stager’s characters closely resemble their own neighbors). But even if you live outside of Washington, you will appreciate (and be entertained by) Coll’s searing wit as she deftly deconstructs the excesses of upscale life in suburbia. The story revolves around a couple selling their house and hiring a stager to make the abode presentable to potential buyers, a topic that neatly lends itself to satire in Coll’s capable hands. One fun surprise: the best character in the book is not a person, but a rabbit. And a philosopher rabbit at that!

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Published: Sarah Crichton Books - July 8th, 2014

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Azar Nafisi’s Reading Lolita in Tehran, her story of secretly teaching a literature class for women students in her Tehran living room when Iran became a repressive theocracy, has remained an international bestseller since its publication in 2004. With that book Nafisi emerged as a forceful and eloquent voice challenging the suppression of free speech and the free exchange of ideas in Iran and other countries. In her newest book, The Republic of Imagination, she continues to make the case that classical literature is a weapon against tyranny and subjugation. She argues that the stories written by Mark Twain, James Baldwin and other Americans are foundational to strengthening democratic principles and building tolerant and inclusive societies. Nafisi is a brilliant, courageous, and inspiring writer—and her message is much-needed antidote to the assault on free thought and speech in too many parts of the world.

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