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Mary Beard’s Women and Power is a slim volume comprising two of her most famous lectures about the roots of sexism and misogyny from ancient times until now. This little tome has been called “a modern feminist classic,” befitting Beard, a scholar of the Greeks and Romans who has also become something of a social media sensation in Britain. The book begins with the story of Telemachus trying to forcefully silence his mother, Penelope, and moves on to other historical precedents for attitudes and biases against women that persist today. Beard’s smart, lively, and persuasive case for women raising their voices (and fists) offers an intellectual and historical foundation for the women’s resistance, from marches, to #MeToo, to the droves of female candidates running for political office this year. Onward!

Women & Power: A Manifesto Cover Image
ISBN: 9781631494758
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Published: Liveright - December 12th, 2017

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Mohsin Hamid has consistently shown his genius for using literature to capture the tensions between Islam and the West that play out globally and in individual lives. His latest novel, Exit West (Riverhead, $26), is another example of his spare, elegant writing, and his fearlessness in treading on uncomfortable political ground. A love story at its core, the novel exposes disquieting truths about secular and fundamentalist interpretations of religion, culture, family, and community. Moments of magical realism provide an imaginative backdrop to the story, much of which takes place in a country never named and with doors that serve as metaphorical entry and exit points. A stunning novel.

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ISBN: 9780735212176
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Published: Riverhead Books - March 7th, 2017

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There is no shortage of Obama Administration alums writing books. The question is: Which are actually worth reading? One is Thanks, Obama (Ecco, $27.99) by David Litt, who became a presidential speechwriter at the ripe old age of twenty-four and now is somehow old enough to pen a memoir. He details his White House experience with humor, self-deprecation, and a healthy reverence for his boss and the causes the Obama Administration championed. Readers will especially enjoy his tales of being the go-to-guy for Obama’s funniest lines and most memorable comedic performances. The book offers a nice peek at life inside the White House and the ups and downs of crafting a message for a president – even one who reads, thinks, reflects, and tells the truth.

Thanks, Obama: My Hopey, Changey White House Years Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062568458
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Published: Ecco - September 19th, 2017