Rogues, by Patrick Madden Keefe

Staff Pick

Keefe’s flair for engrossing storytelling is on full display in this collection of twelve of his New Yorker essays. Ranging from a wine fraud scam that bamboozled the world of wealthy collectors, to a whistleblower who brought down her family’s crime empire, to the fascinating life of Anthony Bourdain, each piece is vividly researched and reported, rich with the deeds and misdeeds of colorful characters, and as informative as it is compelling--proving how real life, in many ways, can be more fantastic than fiction.                                             



Rogues: True Stories of Grifters, Killers, Rebels and Crooks By Patrick Radden Keefe Cover Image
ISBN: 9780385548519
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Published: Doubleday - June 28th, 2022

Our Wives under the Sea, by Julia Armfield

Staff Pick

Armfield’s first novel is a haunting story of grief and mystery set in the aftermath of a deep-sea exploration gone awry and recounted in the alternating voices of Leah, who was trapped in a submarine with little hope of resurfacing, and her wife, Miri, who loses her partner twice over, as the Leah who eventually returns is not the same one who left her six harrowing months before. Armfield’s lyrical prose deftly evokes the vastness of the sea and the claustrophobia of both the submarine and the women's suffering, especially the specific shock of suddenly finding your beloved a stranger.



Our Wives Under the Sea: A Novel By Julia Armfield Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250229892
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Published: Flatiron Books - July 12th, 2022

The Sunflower Cast a Spell to Save Us From the Void, by Jackie Wang

Staff Pick

Wang’s first collection of poetry features a surreal post-apocalyptic dreamscape that encompasses worlds wielding sunflowers and stubborn, unrelenting hope. This transgressive and radical work urges us to counter the  cataclysmic with imagined realms that push back against the forces of darkness, even if we seem to have accepted them as our new normal. Insisting on communities built of care and solidarity, Wang repudiates the bleak, individualistic crises we've doomed ourselves to, showing that with dreams we can find endless possibilites, breathe freely, and, like sunflowers,grow strong by reaching toward the light. 


The Sunflower Cast a Spell to Save Us from the Void By Jackie Wang Cover Image
ISBN: 9781643620367
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Published: Nightboat Books - February 2nd, 2021