“I care to live only to entice people to look at Nature’s loveliness,” said John Muir in 1874. Born in Scotland, reared in rural Wisconsin; resistant to industrial and agricultural life, yet a talented carpenter, engineer, and fruit rancher; an autodidact of botany and geology; and given to taking walks—long walks, of, say 1,000 miles or so, Muir, the founder of the Sierra Club, indeed exhibited A PASSION FOR NATURE (Oxford Univ., $24.95). Until discovering the beauty of the Sierra Nevada and falling in love with California in general, Muir felt restless and alienated from both farming and urban life. Donald Worster’s biography sets Muir within the currents of his time, showing his struggles to harmonize scientific views of nature with spiritual belief, and to advocate wilderness preservation in the face of civilization’s relentless expansion. Generous quotations from Muir’s letters and sketches from his notebooks bring the man to life.

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The eleventh work of fiction by the award-winning Cynthia Ozick is a story of young Americans in Paris in the 1950s. They’re there not so much for love, adventure, and the Bohemian life (though they find some of this), but to escape their domineering father. Having driven his children away, and his wife crazy, he orders his sister to put his family together again. And she does—but in her way, not his. FOREIGN BODIES (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $26), while an homage to Henry James’s The Ambassadors, is quintessential Ozick. Her writing is polished, her plotting meticulously crafted, and her sharp wit and deft intellect shine throughout.

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In Gary Shteyngart’s wildly and plausibly imagined future, everyone drinks alkalinized water, checks credit ratings on the public Credit Poles, and streams endless data on their own and everyone else’s health and hotness stats via apparati. The U.S. is controlled by the Bipartisan Party and the American Restoration Authority demands compliance with and denial of its existence. Some things haven’t changed, however. A grown man still feels like he’s twelve when he enters his parents’ house, and love is still hard. The SUPER SAD TRUE LOVE STORY (Random House, $26) is the bittersweet match between aging Lenny Abramov, an Indefinite Life Extension specialist with Post-Human Services, and young, lovely Eunice Park. But social unrest, fueled by income disparity, also hasn’t changed, and the romance plays out against a revolution. Shteyngart’s third novel offers electrifying social satire, wit and sass aplenty.


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