Jamison's critical thinking and awareness are relentless here. Her ability to exhaust all emotional and social angles involved in the wide-ranging, extreme circumstances she relates - and to do so in such an approachable way - is a testament to her intellect. As a result, it's easy to get hung up on a particularly profound paragraph, then realize you have no idea what happened on the subsequent page or two. Go back and read them again. There's probably another profundity hidden in there as well. So much so that at some point you should expect to come across a passage that nails you better than you could do yourself. It's startling in the best possible way.

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With four novels, a novella, and about fifty years of experience, Segal’s style has grown beyond her autobiographical beginnings to become brief but precise, buoyant but unfeeling. In Half the Kingdom, she picks on a now-retired professor (Joe Bernstine) who appeared in her previous novel, Shakespeare's Kitchen, which was a finalist for the Pulitzer and took place on a small, isolated liberal arts campus. Old age finds Bernstine in New York, trying to write a compendium of all the ways one can die, for which a writerly friend and hospital ward provide material both entertaining and profound. Surrounded by “sixty-two-pluses,” face-to-face with old age’s extremes, Segal masterly uses her satire to pick apart and ebb the anxieties of life's bittersweet twilight.

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