The Condition of Secrecy by Inger Christensen

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The celebrated Scandinavian writer, Inger Christensen, is made accessible to English-language readers with this newly translated and beautifully published collection of a selection of her essays (and one brilliant poem): The Condition of Secrecy. The essays span the Cold War and its immediate aftermath (1960s through the 1990s), and in them we find disillusionment regarding the follies of a humankind hell-bent on war and nuclear destruction. But we also find hope embedded in Christensen’s writing and in her attachment to the natural world, which comes across with so much beauty and precision of language it reminds us that humans are still capable of creating light, even in the darkness.



Condition of Secrecy By Inger Christensen, Susanna Nied (Translated by) Cover Image
By Inger Christensen, Susanna Nied (Translated by)
ISBN: 9780811228114
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Published: New Directions - November 27th, 2018

Madness, Rack, and Honey by Mary Ruefle

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Mary Ruefle manages to bring magnificent literary criticism into dialogue with insights about universal experience (fear, memory, sentimentality) in that way only a poet can. For anyone who is engaged in the poetry world, this collection will have you marking up or dog-earing just about every page. The way she says such simple things can strike so true that you wonder how no one else has said it that way to you before. For instance, about writing she says, “I used to think I wrote because there was something I wanted to say…but now I know I continue to write because I have not yet heard what I have been listening to.” I cannot recommend this collection enough; it’s one of those books I will return to over and over again.

Madness, Rack, and Honey: Collected Lectures By Mary Ruefle Cover Image
ISBN: 9781933517575
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Published: Wave Books - August 7th, 2012

Dunce by Mary Ruefle

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With unassuming language and a tendency toward whimsy, Mary Ruefle’s Dunce is a welcomed surprise. In her pieces—strange and brief—Ruefle manages to pack big gusts of meaning. Existential, or awe-stricken, or loving, or lonely, her poems get a lot across in a small amount of space. And for a poet rooted in beauty, she manages to stay balanced in tone and content, mixing in a good amount of dark with the light, much like nature itself—a topic which comes up again and again in her poems. Dunce is a pleasure and a shock to read, and her words’ quickness and brevity warrant many readings.

Dunce By Mary Ruefle Cover Image
ISBN: 9781940696850
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Published: Wave Books - September 10th, 2019