Horten's Miraculous Mechanisms - Lissa Evans

Stuart Horten, a vertically challenged youth whose name is cruelly abbreviated to “S. Horten” by his peers, is not happy: his oblivious parents have cheerfully decided to move to his father’s hometown, where Stuart knows no one. Once they arrive, there is nothing at all for him to do – until he gets caught up in a quest to discover the long-lost magical workshop of his similarly long-lost great-uncle Tony. The race to find HORTEN’S MIRACULOUS MECHANISMS (Sterling, $14.95) turns out to be the adventure of Stuart’s life in Lissa Evans’s delightful first novel. Ages 9-12. JLM

One Dog and His Boy - Eva Ibbotson

In Eva Ibbotson’s last novel, Hal’s fabulously wealthy parents have spent his whole life giving him things he doesn’t want and refusing him the one thing he wishes for above all else: a dog. When his tenth birthday arrives, however, Hal is allowed to go to a kennel and choose a canine companion. What he doesn’t realize is that his beloved Fleck is only rented and will have to go back after a few short days. Hal rebels by fleeing with Fleck—and all the other kennel dogs— to his grandparents’ home in search of a place where ONE DOG AND HIS BOY (Scholastic, $16.99) can live in peace. Ages 8-11. JLM

Henri's Walk to Paris - Saul Bass and Leonore Klein

Henri lives in Reboul, a tiny town outside of Paris. He pines after that great city—it has so many buses when Reboul has only one!— and one day decides that the time has come for him to make the trip. Thanks to an ill-fated nap and a mischievous little bird, however, HENRI’S WALK TO PARIS (Universe, $19.95) takes an unexpected turn. Leonore Klein’s enchanting account of Henri’s journey and graphic designer Saul Bass’s boldly bright illustrations make this book a pleasure to both the ear and the eye. Ages 4-7. JLM
Henri's Walk to Paris By Saul Bass (Illustrator), Leonore Klein (Text by) Cover Image
By Saul Bass (Illustrator), Leonore Klein (Text by)
ISBN: 9780789322630
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Published: Universe - February 14th, 2012