You Are One of Them - Elliott Holt

In You Are One of Them (Penguin Press, $26.95), debut novelist Elliott Holt wastes no words and pulls no tricks, presenting two friends pulled apart by the immense forces of the Cold War and oncoming adulthood. Jennifer, popular, and with a seemingly idyllic family, simply glides through life. For Sarah, though, things are difficult; terrorized by an abusive home, she tends to try to lie low. Holt gives honesty and elegance to the lasting effects of childhood friendships as well as early trauma, and to the specific haunting of the atomic age, which seems like a nightmare come to life when Jennifer disappears in Russia and Sarah follows her there in the 1990s. While Holt’s book comes to a well crafted ending, the story will leave you considering its ramifications for some time.

You Are One of Them: A Novel About Secrets, Betrayal, and the Friend Who Got Away By Elliott Holt Cover Image
ISBN: 9780143125440
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Published: Penguin Books - April 29th, 2014

Some Girls, Some Hats, and Hitler - Trudi Kantor

This memoir of the highs and lows of Europe during the holocaust, as told by a Jewish milliner and her glamorous husband forced to become refuges and outlaws, is entirely unique. Trudi Kantor was a beautiful, Jewish business woman in Vienna being courted by the suave Walter as Europe began to tremble with the weight of the Second World War. The memoir begins with girlish recollections of first love and becomes a blisteringly true account of a life lived with no regrets. Trudi is an unblushing narrator, speaking in pure, short sentences and justifying none of her opinions. Written before memoirs, female fashion icons, or first-hand survivor accounts were in vogue, the book disappeared and was only given a proper publication in 2012. Read it and be grateful Trudi’s clear voice was rediscovered.

Some Girls, Some Hats and Hitler: A True Love Story By Trudi Kanter Cover Image
ISBN: 9781476700281
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Published: Scribner - January 14th, 2014

Elephant Keepers' Children - Peter Hoeg

Not easily categorized, Hoeg’s novel takes place on the fictional island of Fino populated by some of the oddest characters I have ever encountered. Through the lens of the teenage narrator Peter, we adventure through Fino’s regions in a horse and buggy, train, plane, and automobile. The spiritual detective novel may be a new, or sparsely populated, subgenre of which Hoeg declares himself king with a fantastic cast of characters that blossoms and spawns ever outward. There’s the banana-yellow pant wearing, former heroin addict Count Rickardt Three Lions, the living goddess Pallas Athene, and a host of stern, gullible, and wicked government officials just be waiting to be duped by the eldest heartbreaker Hans, the mystic Tilte, and the athletic Peter, a family trio set out to rescue their parents.
The Elephant Keepers' Children: A Novel by the Author of Smilla's Sense of Snow By Peter Hoeg Cover Image
ISBN: 9781590516355
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Published: Other Press - May 21st, 2013