Saga Volume 1, by Brian K. Vaughan

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Saga' s creators describe it as Star Wars from the point of view of non-combatants. The story of Marko, Alana, and their daughter Hazel is a vision deeply subversive of war and violence. The parents, two soldiers on opposing sides, meet cute in a prison camp by bonding over a shared love for a pacifist novel, and their child is an alternative path marked out for destruction.In their quest to elude their enemies the family traverses the galaxy in a rocket-ship tree, picks up a hitchhiking ghost, befriends an eccentric author, and confronts the limits of their own morals in protecting their daughter. This epic space opera is a treatise on the true costs of violence, the importance of family, the unseen repercussions of our actions, and the fundamental desire to find peace. Reader be warned (but also intrigued): this is a mature book that includes graphic violence, abundant sex, deep loss, human trafficking, and the tremendous toll proxy wars extract from our humanity. But ultimately this is a story about hope! This book is hilarious, gut-punch tragic, complex, enthralling, and one of the best-drawn comics of all time. Plus, it's now appearing in monthly installments after a three-year hiatus. This is the time to dive in! 



Saga Volume 1 (Saga (Comic Series)) By Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples (Artist) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781607066019
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Published: Image Comics - October 23rd, 2012

Ducks, by Kate Beaton

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Before Kate Beaton began her popular comic strip Hark a Vagrant, she moved to the Alberta tar oil sands for work so that she might pay off her student loan. Her two years there are the subject of Ducks, a masterpiece of comics memoir and her most ambitious work to date. Its subject matter is no less than the destruction of human beings and the environment by vast interlocking systems of class, commerce, and exploitation. But Beaton renders her experiences in simple and expressive cartooning accessible to all readers.

Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands By Kate Beaton Cover Image
ISBN: 9781770462892
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Published: Drawn and Quarterly - September 13th, 2022

Look Back, by Tatsuki Fujimoto

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Tatsuki Fujimoto is best known for Chainsaw Man, soon to be adapted into a hit animated series. But for my money, his best work is Look Back, a tale of two comics artists who forge a partnership in middle school. It's a roller-coaster of a narrative that takes readers to the brink of the abyss--only to ask them: what good is a silly comic strip, really? By the end of this one, however, you will believe that a silly comic strip can change the world.

Look Back By Tatsuki Fujimoto Cover Image
ISBN: 9781974734641
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Published: VIZ Media LLC - September 20th, 2022