Alif the Unseen

In Alif the Unseen, G. Willow Wilson’s supernatural and allegorical story about a young man whose computer skills bring about the fury of the State and the power of the people, it is the unseen connections of cyberspace that drive the plot forward. Alif, the moniker that the protagonist adopts for himself, is a half-Indian, half-Arab computer hacker who finds himself in a life-or-death struggle after triggering the enmity of an enigmatic government figure, the Hand. Lurking further beneath the surface is the world of the jinn, a supernatural group of creatures from Islamic myth. Much like Alif, the jinn remain unseen by the world, but are constantly manipulating events. What is crystal clear, however, is Wilson’s stupendous work in uncovering the hidden wonders and dangers of the unseen.
Alif the Unseen By G. Willow Wilson Cover Image
ISBN: 9780802121226
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Published: Grove Press - April 2nd, 2013

Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

Murakami possesses a unique gift. He is able to decipher mysticism from the mundane and the mediocre. Innocuous everyday events—ironing a shirt, cooking noodles, walking around one’s neighborhood—contain a deep, often unsettling vibe within the pages of Murakami’s best work. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle… well, it chronicles this characteristic with great ambition and boldness. In the world of his protagonist, Toru Okada, quiet, unemployed life quickly devolves into a bizarre series of coincidences. Joined by a cast of characters who would fit well in a David Lynch series—calling them peculiar would be a massive understatement—Okada, like the reader, soon learns that little in this world is coincidence and everything is mystical.
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle: A Novel (Vintage International) By Haruki Murakami Cover Image
ISBN: 9780679775430
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Published: Vintage - September 1st, 1998

The Satanic Verses

Two men, Gibreel and Saladin, plummet thousands of feet towards the ground from a hijacked airplane. Miraculously, they survive, igniting the plot of Salman Rushdie’s grand achievement The Satanic Verses. At its roots, the book is a beautiful contrast of dyads—good and evil, rich and poor, visible and unseen. Yet the yin and yang of these dyads is tied together so deeply and richly throughout Rushdie’s prose that it becomes nearly impossible for the reader to know the difference between the two. The novel jumps across centuries of history and traverses thousands of miles, multiple continents, often leaving the reader in need of a guide. Despite this complexity, a beautiful pattern emerges; no matter how far we fall, with enough strength we can pick ourselves back up.
The Satanic Verses: A Novel By Salman Rushdie Cover Image
ISBN: 9780812976717
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Published: Random House Trade Paperbacks - March 11th, 2008