Lizi Boyd’s magical night-time adventure is wordless perfection, and will reward many “readings.” A youngster is outside, exploring the woods by Flashlight (Chronicle, $16.99). As the child wanders through the book, Boyd brilliantly uses two techniques to show the profusion of activity in the dark. First, the pages are matte-black, her folk-like drawings done in subtle gray lines, and the only color is in the cone of light where the child aims the flashlight. Secondly, there are small die-cut holes to reveal even more mysteries as you turn each page. There is a lot to be discovered—bats, beavers, an owl, a raccoon, a fox and some porcupines are very busy. When the child trips, the flashlight goes flying, but help is on the way, for a gentle, satisfying end to the journey.  Ages 3-7. ANG

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One was staid, stuffy, akin to a clergyman; the other, relaxed, genial, womanizing. Together, John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles shared a Manichean worldview that characterized 1950’s Cold War. It is fitting they are the first and only pair of brothers to ever concurrently hold the offices of Secretary of State and Director of the CIA. Stephen Kinzer’s illuminating, horrifying, and evocative biography, “The Brothers,” unveils their forgotten role in history. Foster and Allen personified Cold War fears of Communism, sharpening the perceived divide of good and evil. A sobering analysis and timely parable, “The Brothers” casts a light on the evil that comes from chasing monsters.

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ISBN: 9781250053121
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The United States of America was founded upon a devil’s pact, a compromise with sin. Knowing the Union could only be borne by allowing the “peculiar institution” of slavery, the Founding Fathers laid a foundation of resentment between the Northern and Southern states. Ecstatic Nation is Brenda Wineapple’s spellbinding and acid-tongued account of the years leading up to the Civil War and its aftermath, Reconstruction. The consequences of moral compromise lie at the heart of the narrative from this period of history. Using a brilliant mix of memoirs and front-page headlines straight out of the mid-nineteenth century, Wineapple presents a chilling story of the feverish, conflicted years that stretched the nation from coast to coast, while nearly rending it in twain. With characters ranging from the supercilious, grandstanding P.T. Barnum to the resolute, merciless organizer Susan B. Anthony, Ecstatic Nation is a must-read for anyone seeking to be a student of history.

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