Swim the Fly - Don Calame

Each summer, Matt, Sean, and Coop set themselves a challenge. This year it’s to see a real live girl naked. In order to impress Kelly, a new girl on the swimteam, Matt also has another goal: to teach his scrawny body to Swim The Fly (Candlewick, $16.99). Author Don Calame captures the raunchy yet odd sensitivity of 16-year-old boys in a side splittingly funny novel. Ages 14 up.

Marcelo In The Real World - Francisco X. Stork

Seventeen-year-old Marcelo attends a special school for individuals on the autistic spectrum. However, this summer, his father wants Marcelo In The Real World (Arthur A. Levine, $17.99) and insists he take a job in the mailroom of his law firm. The daily routine challenges all that Marcelo knows and he finds himself supported by his coworker, Jasmine, and foiled by the son of one of the other partners. When Marcelo inadvertently discovers a case involving a major client and a young disfigured girl, he embarks on a journey of discovery about his father, the legal world and himself. Marcelo’s unforgettable voice will challenge preconceived notions of what it means to function in the real world. Francisco X. Stork’s novel is a satisfying legal drama and love story. Also available on audio Ages 15 up.
Marcelo in the Real World By Francisco X. Stork Cover Image
ISBN: 9780545054744
Availability: Backordered
Published: Arthur A. Levine Books - March 1st, 2009

King of the Screwups - K. L. Going

Despite his excellent fashion sense and extreme popularity, Liam knows that he is the King Of The Screw-Ups (Harcourt, $17). His highly successful bully of a father constantly reminds him of this, especially when he kicks Liam out of the house to live with his militaristic grandparents. But Liam’s mother contrives a plan for Liam to live with “Aunt” Pete, his father’s gay, cross-dressing, trailer–living, dj brother. Author K.L.Going (Fat Kid Rules the World) has created a superb, idiosyncratic cast of characters, including “Aunt” Pete’s friends, in this funny, heartfelt quest for selfworth. Ages 14 up.