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After finishing this book, you will find it hard to not go out and run ten miles in Rock Creek. McDougall makes the case that humans evolved to be long distance runners, as our ancestors hunted exhausted prey on the fields of Africa. And that leads to the argument that humans have been running for thousands of years without injuries wearing only sandals or nothing at all. It is only with the rise of Nike that knee injuries became common. One of the top books about endurance running ever written, McDougall takes us on a wild ride through the sport, from the mountain trails of Colorado, to labs in Harvard, finally to the isolated Tarahumara tribe in Mexico’s Copper Canyon, and the race of a lifetime.

Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen Cover Image
ISBN: 9780307279187
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Published: Vintage - March 29th, 2011

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Game Worn: Baseball Treasures from the Game’s Greatest Heroes and Moments (Smithsonian Books, $34.95) brings baseball history to life through its iconic memorabilia. By Stephen Wong, a lifelong collector of baseball artifacts and the author of Smithsonian Baseball, and photographer Dave Grob, this collection of essays and photographs features one-of-a kind relics from throughout the 20th century, from Ty Cobb’s sharpened spikes to David Cone’s crisp and pristine game uniform, charting the evolving look and recalling the major moments of the game. Richly nostalgic and lovingly rendered, this book will bring baseball fans of all ages back to their youth. Go, team!

Game Worn: Baseball Treasures from the Game's Greatest Heroes and Moments Cover Image
By Stephen Wong, Dave Grob, Francesco Sapienza (Photographs by), John Thorn (Foreword by)
ISBN: 9781588345714
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Published: Smithsonian Books - October 25th, 2016

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Fans of David Foster Wallace’s epic novel, Infinite Jest, know that tennis is a firm presence in the author’s life and work. Wallace was a highly-ranked junior tennis player in the Midwest, and along with his celebrated fiction, wrote essays about tennis. Whether explaining the hazards and vicissitudes of playing in the tornado alleys of his youth, the trials of a player trying to qualify for the US Open, or the sublimity of Roger Federer’s game, the five pieces included in String Theory are literary and journalistic treats, and often very funny. Don’t overlook the (lengthy) footnotes—mini masterpieces of their own.

String Theory: David Foster Wallace on Tennis: A Library of America Special Publication Cover Image
ISBN: 9781598534801
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Published: Library of America - May 10th, 2016