Weird Zone: Sports - Maria Birmingham and Jamie Bennett

Is anyone up for a bout of chessboxing? Yes, this “sport” is comprised of a chess match followed by a three-minute round of boxing! How about a pumpkin race (rowing in a large, hollowed-out pumpkin) or extreme ironing (absolutely beyond description)? Author Marie Birmingham must have had a blast compiling the material for her new book Weird Zone: Sports (Owlkids, 13.95). Each description of a sport is accompanied by photographs, humorous illustrations, and trivia, including the science behind the sport and its amusing history. This book is just plain fun and may inspire the reader to dream up his or her own outlandish new sport. Ages 8-12. RBB

A Passion for Victory: The Story of the Olympics in Ancient and Early Modern Times - Benson Bobrick

With the pageantry of the Summer Olympics just behind us, it’s the perfect time to look back on the evolution of the games. Benson Bobrick takes us on a journey through history, beginning in 776 BCE when the Olympics entailed one race across a meadow. Bobrick traces the rise and fall of the games in ancient times, its reestablishment in the 1800s, and its cessation during World War II. In addition to being comprehensive, this book is full of funny anecdotes and moving facts about the games and the politics behind them, showing the many ways throughout time athletes have expressed A Passion for Victory (Knopf, $19.99). Ages 12-15. AJK
A Passion for Victory: The Story of the Olympics in Ancient and Early Modern Times By Benson Bobrick Cover Image
ISBN: 9780375868696
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Published: Knopf Books for Young Readers - June 26th, 2012

There Goes Ted Williams - Matt Tavares

Long after all the other children had to go home for the night, Ted Williams stayed at the ballpark, swinging his bat over and over again and envisioning home runs. His hard work paid off: when he was only 19, Williams signed with the Red Sox and began a record-breaking career. He left twice to become a fighter pilot in wars, but when he returned he always went right back to hitting homers. Matt Tavares charts Williams’s epic career in this biography, which ends with his final home run as the fans chant THERE GOES TED WILLIAMS: THE GREATEST HITTER THAT EVER LIVED (Candlewick, $16.99). Ages 7-9. AJK