The Spear Cuts through Water by Simon Jimenez

Staff Pick

Jimenez's second novel uses the framework of a theatrical production to create a unique, experimental story inspired by his cultural experiences as a Filipino American. In poetic and elegiac prose, he follows two young men on their harrowing journey to overthrow an empire's reign of terror, along the way questioning the work it takes to destroy unjust systems of government and what they leave in their wake, as well as asserting the beauty and power of fantasies drawn from folktales and mythologies outside the European mold.

The Spear Cuts Through Water: A Novel By Simon Jimenez Cover Image
ISBN: 9780593156612
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Published: Del Rey - May 30th, 2023

When Women Were Dragons by Kelly Barnhill

Staff Pick

This strident, moving, alternate-history novel begins in a 1955 US where hundreds of thousands of women spontaneously turn into dragons and fly away, causing no small amount of chaos and concern in the communities they leave behind. Barnhill's story follows the life of a young girl raised in the aftermath of this "Mass Dragoning," and deftly weaves a fascinating consideration of questions including how we confront patriarchal power structures, how censorship impacts solidarity, and how we can find solidarity in the face of gender-based violences. This heartfelt page turner reaffirms Barnhill as one of today's premiere feminist fantasists.

When Women Were Dragons: A Novel By Kelly Barnhill Cover Image
ISBN: 9780593466575
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Published: Anchor - May 16th, 2023

Saevus Corax Deals with The Dead by K.J. Parker

Staff Pick

The leading man of a new fantasy trilogy from the prolific and hilarious K.J. Parker, Saevus Corax is manipulative, selfish, cuttingly funny, and—against his better judgment—a big fat hero. Thrown squarely into the midst of the politico-religious machinations he abandoned years ago along with his birthright, Saevus applies the savvy he's gained as a mediocre playwright and a fairly excellent battlefield salvage contractor to keep ten steps ahead of his enemies. The thrill of Parker's writing is being let in on the plan just enough to root for his protagonist, but never enough to anticipate the next twist.

Saevus Corax Deals With the Dead (The Corax trilogy #1) By K. J. Parker Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316668903
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Published: Orbit - October 3rd, 2023