If the euphoria of the 2008 election has receded in memory, here are three books to restore a sense of perspective about what America has gained by that momentous event one year ago.  Hendrik Hertzberg’s ¡Obámanos! (Penguin Press, $25.95), a collection of stirring New Yorker “Talk of the Town” pieces concludes: “Americans of an age to remember Selma and Montgomery and Memphis [did not] imagine they would live to see an African American elected president of the United States. It has happened. No doubt there will be disappointments and difficulties ahead; there always are.” Hertzberg’s brilliant journalism reminds us how dark the days were in the three years before the election and what the election gave back to America.

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What more is there to learn about Barack Obama and his campaign? In Renegade (Crown, $26), Richard Wolffe followed Obama’s campaign and was able to spend a good deal of face time with the candidate. He has done an admirable job of taking observations and digesting them and organizing his interviews into an exceptionally coherent narrative about the campaign and about the candidate. We learn among much else that President Obama has a remarkable ability to learn from his mistakes and incorporate that learning into his next steps; he has a group of grownups around him, accomplished people in their own right—not sycophants dependent on the candidate for their identity. The President touches base with them when he needs advice—and he accepts their advice.

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In The Battle For America 2008 (Viking, $29.95) two veteran journalists, Dan Balz and Haynes Johnson, combine the wisdom of many years’ reporting the political beat for The Washington Post with the great copy of a campaign unmatched in history for its rich brew of class, race, and gender, and, most of all, an unpredictable outcome, for a page-turning account of the 2008 presidential election, from the Iowa caucuses to the final scrambles on the eve of Election Day. Balz and Johnson had unprecedented access to both candidates, a position that let them observe and report incidents such as the behind-the-scenes battle between Obama and Clinton to secure Senator Kennedy’s endorsement

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