A Hundred Lovers, Richie Hofmann

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Hofmann's slim volume of erotic poetry harnesses classical imagery and landscapes for an intimate look at the depths of desire and love in a queer relationship. With only the details of technology and modern comforts to date its true provenance, this relationship not only plays out within the wider context of timeless poetic traditions, but such is Hoffmann's mastery of language and genre that his work often feels like it was written centuries ago itself.



A Hundred Lovers: Poems By Richie Hofmann Cover Image
ISBN: 9780593320983
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Published: Knopf - February 8th, 2022

Oh You Robot Saints!, by Rebecca Morgan Frank

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Through a beautiful consideration of human ingenuity, creativeness, and hubris, Frank's collection of poetry interrogates what "life" means in an increasingly automated world. From questions about what it is to create life and what it is about the machinations of humanity that make one truly alive to how, through the act of creation and the desire to bring forth something eternal, humans reach for a spark of the divine, Frank evokes a consistent sense of wonder that is also a lament for the human proclivity to wield destruction.

Oh You Robot Saints! (Carnegie Mellon University Press Poetry Series ) By Rebecca Morgan Frank Cover Image
ISBN: 9780887486685
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Published: Carnegie Mellon University Press - February 27th, 2021

Pilgrim Bell, by Kaveh Akbar

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Akbar’s sophomore collection beats with the same heart that animated his debut--Calling a Wolf a Wolf--while revealing the poet as a powerhouse of form and faith. Here Akbar pledges his commitment to look at the whole; no matter how flawed, here is the body, recovering, and here is the Divine’s landscape resurrected in the everyday. Pilgrim Bell peals; throughout the book, its ring and response mark the first and penultimate poem of each section. No matter how deep the speaker leads us into his religious upbringing or the body's wounds, there’s a moment of pause on the return in the end-stopped lines of each eponymous poem.

Pilgrim Bell: Poems By Kaveh Akbar Cover Image
ISBN: 9781644450598
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Published: Graywolf Press - August 3rd, 2021