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One terrifying, unforgettable night in pre-tourist Eastern State Penitentiary casts the Long Black Veil of the title across the characters’ lives as they sort out their second acts with unanswered questions: What can you endure? What lies do you perpetrate in order to live as your true self? Are you really crazy when saints and pets start talking back to you? Author Jenny Boylan gives you a riveting thriller but leaves the answers to you.
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ISBN: 9780451496324
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Published: Crown - April 11th, 2017

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Devon Knox is a driven gymnast, on the brink of a career achievement which would set her on the path to Olympic stardom. Her parents have built their lives around their outstanding daughter; her success is the family project and the community's investment. In the high-pressure weeks leading up to this pivotal moment in her career, a murder shocks the community and threatens to upend the machine of Devon's progress. Skillfully plotted, and genuinely surprising in its twists and turns, I read this nuanced book in one sitting, both moved by the relationships on the page and driven to solve the deepening mystery which threatens more than one person's identity and future.
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ISBN: 9780316231060
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Published: Back Bay Books - April 25th, 2017

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Rachel Childs overcame a difficult childhood to become a fearless overachiever, a journalist always searching for the truth. While reporting from Haiti, an on-air breakdown destroys her confidence, career, marriage, and sanity. Struggling with agoraphobia and flashbacks, she meets Brian, a man who understands her and supports her through her struggles. On a rare trip out, Rachel's conception of what is real is fractured and she is catapulted out of the safety of her home and into a new world where every moment is life-threatening and no one is trustworthy, not even Brian. Or is her mind still working against her? In Since We Fell, Dennis Lehane creates a complex, fully-realized character and takes us with her through a wild, emotional thriller.


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ISBN: 9780062129383
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Published: Ecco - May 9th, 2017