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Roger Angell's New Yorker essays combine acute observations of everyday life with reflections, social and personal, of the past. This Old Man collects a number of these, together with a few other writings, that range from baseball to the craft of writing and beyond, always with a focus on the human being at the center of an event or work.  Angell's style allows him to express a leisurely intelligence that encourages thoughtful reflection. His approach is on full display in the title essay, written when he was 92, for it is simultaneously melancholy and affirming.
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ISBN: 9781101971390
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Published: Anchor - October 18th, 2016

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No other authors bend the mind to their will as Dillard has for years. In this volume, a collection of both new and old work, it is almost a prerequisite that you read outside in order to fully appreciate its essence, and what better time to read outside than in the summer? But have you considered where the sand comes from on that beach you are so decadently tanning on? Have you sat long enough in nature to see its movements, its life outside of yours? Dillard has, and she shares here some of her most intimate encounters and observations of the world we so often look past.
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ISBN: 9780062432964
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Published: Ecco - February 14th, 2017

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Glück has been a defining force in American poetry for some fifty years, publishing a dozen award-winning collections. Now, in only her second book of essays—which comes twenty-four years after her first, Proofs and Theories—she tells us what she thinks about the art itself and gives us a rare glimpse into her own experience of writing. Like her poems, Glück’s prose is fiercely intelligent and reasoned. The title essay takes pains to isolate a particularly American sense of originality, one requiring that “an artist must look like a renegade” but produce “an aesthetic commodity,” an achievement distinct from the merely unique. This lays the groundwork for her discussion of a dozen poets, from Rilke, O’Hara, and Strand to recent winners of the Yale Younger Poets award, which Glück judged for eight years. Written with a passion and urgency that alone stake a claim for poetry’s importance, these introductions explore poetry’s capacities to tell stories, take political stands, or willfully remain incomplete, but Glück comes back over and over to tone. When art has the power to survive and haunt, when it’s “simultaneously utterly clear and deeply mysterious,” tone lies at the heart of it. It’s fitting that so accomplished and versatile a poet focuses on this elusive and difficult element.

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ISBN: 9780374299552
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Published: Farrar, Straus and Giroux - April 18th, 2017