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There is an ornate and otherworldly--almost divine--quality to Groff’s writing that makes Matrix the perfect display of this already accomplished writer's growing genius. And her genius is indeed growing as she recasts the High Middle Ages life of the poet Marie de France as the story of a well-born bastard exiled to life as a nun in a remote abbey. Building on the luster of her past work--not least, that of her renowned sentences--Groff also shows a steadier and more restrained hand.


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ISBN: 9781594634499
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Published: Riverhead Books - September 7th, 2021

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Aiofe unfolds her family’s story at her dying husband’s bedside. Rosaleen, on the cusp of adulthood, searches for freedom in London, where she falls in love with Felix, a famous sculptor twice her age. Kate is trying to navigate a difficult marriage and motherhood, all the while haunted by questions about her mother. With chapters alternating between characters, and storylines moving between London and Ireland and past and the present, this is a wonderful and utterly heart-breaking family saga, spanning three generations of women. Family bonds, love, lies, betrayal, motherhood…Freud’s brilliant narrative will pull you into these lives, and you’ll find yourself on an emotional rollercoaster that keeps you reading into the night to find out what happens next.
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ISBN: 9780063057180
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Published: Ecco - July 13th, 2021

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Williams puts her stamp on the interlocking-stories genre with a collection of richly language-driven vignettes—most spoken by an unnamed I to or about an unnamed you—in which moments are stopped and spun beyond time and space as the narrator relives her last glimpse of a departing you or overthinks kissing you in public. Leaving out as much as she tells, Williams fills the interstices of traditional narrative with a close focus on words themselves, investigating etymologies, synonyms, and sounds; in a typically sensual description, she loves etcetera for “its spokey consonants and rhythms, its bitedowns.” In another piece, the I chooses an on-line dating candidate because her email “smells like a sea breeze,” while in one of the few non-you-and-I narratives, two boys look closely into each other’s eyes, naming the shifting colors—“Truffle Leather 3,” “Enchanted Eden 2”-- as precisely and inventively as they can—all while one stuffs his friend’s mouth with marshmallows. If it’s only partially true that “this is all absurd,” such playfulness is certainly a large part of “the power of” Williams’s charming, quirky, empathetic and utterly original fiction debut.

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ISBN: 9780593312353
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Published: Anchor - May 18th, 2021