My Pet Human - Yasmine Surovec

When an independent cat boasts that he likes living alone, his animal friends are skeptical—and they’re right to be. The cat’s tune changes when he meets a little girl who has just moved into the neighborhood. She shares her tuna mac and cheese. She gives him backrubs and boxes to play in. She even gives him olives. Eventually, the cat realizes that his human is desperately sad because she doesn’t have any human friends. He wants to help her, but the animal control officer is on patrol. Will he risk his freedom for her sake? Yasmine Surovec lovingly authors and illustrates My Pet Human (Roaring Brook, $12.99), a clever portrayal of what just might be rattling through the minds of our companion animals. Ages 6-10

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ISBN: 9781626720732
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Published: Roaring Brook Press - August 4th, 2015

The Little Witch - Otfried Preussler, Winnie Gebhardt-Gayler, Anthea Bell

Thanks to the New York Review Children’s Collection, which re-publishes out-of-print books for today’s children, The Little Witch (New York Review of Books, $15.95) has returned. Originally published in Germany in 1957, Otfried Preussler’s delightfully old-fashioned tale tells of a young witch “who was only a hundred and twenty-seven years old” and breaks the rules to attend Walpurgis Night, even though she is officially too young to do so. Caught and punished, the little witch must spend an entire year proving herself worthy of witchhood. But does she succeed? Read the story, enjoy the charming pen-and-ink illustrations, and find out for yourself. Ages 7-10

The Little Witch Cover Image
By Otfried Preussler, Anthea Bell (Translated by), Winnie Gebhardt-Gayler (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781590179345
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Published: NYR Children's Collection - September 8th, 2015

Skateboard Party: The Carver Chronicles, Book Two - Karen English, Laura Freeman

Richard has worked tirelessly on his flat-ground Ollie, determined to impress at Gregory Johnson’s skateboard party. But he hasn’t worked tirelessly on learning how to spell “quotient,” or where the howler monkey lives, and his fourth-grade teacher insists he can do better. When Richard “forgets” to give her note to his parents, the truth and its consequences quickly catch up with him in the second installment of Karen English’s Carver Chronicles: Skateboard Party (Clarion, $14.99). As with the winning, well-meaning Gavin of Dog Days, young readers will empathize with Richard’s (usually) good intentions and laugh at the mischievous interactions among his three brothers. By emphasizing characters’ expressions, Laura Freeman’s accompanying illustrations light-heartedly capture the trials and tribulations of growing up in—and raising—a big family. Ages 6-9. Amy Dickinson

Skateboard Party: The Carver Chronicles, Book Two Cover Image
By Karen English, Laura Freeman (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780544582262
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Published: Clarion Books - December 1st, 2015