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Beer lovers unite in this truly unique volume that celebrates the vibrant and exciting culture of beer drinkers around the world. “A globetrotting journey through the world of beer,” Atlas of Beer (National Geographic, $40) collects maps, timelines, historic and modern photographs, and a seemingly endless parade of facts and anecdotes that dive deep into the process of making, tasting, and appreciating beer. Authors, professors, and passionate beer lovers Nancy Hoalst-Pullen and Mark W. Patterson have conveniently organized information by continent, presenting the ingredients, rituals, and lifestyles throughout each region that revolve around the crisp flavor of fermented hops. Everything you ever wanted to know about Oktoberfest, Trappist ales, home brewing trends, the IPA hype, and even which glass you’re supposed to drink from can be found between these covers. Perfect for the beer drinker or geography and history buff in your life, Atlas of Beer will encourage them to raise their glass to the vibrant, rich, and rapidly growing community of beer!

National Geographic Atlas of Beer: A Globe-Trotting Journey Through the World of Beer Cover Image
ISBN: 9781426218330
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Published: National Geographic - September 19th, 2017

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At last, the secrets of palak chaat are revealed! The crispy fried spinach with tomato, onion, tamarind, and yogurt has a fanatical following at Rasika (and Rasika West End). Restaurateur Ashok Bajaj (Bombay Room) opened Rasika in late 2005, and brought chef Vikram Sunderam from London to create its innovative dishes. It instantly became a D.C. sensation. In Rasika: Flavors of India (Ecco, $34.99), written with David Hagedorn, they invite you into the kitchen and share the thorough grounding (and the professional secrets) that will help you cook these delicious dishes. Yes, you will shop for ingredients which cannot be substituted for (example: curry leaves and Kashmiri chiles); you will spend time making the foundational pastes and sauces to freeze (ginger-garlic; caramelized onions; kadi and korma); and have a restaurant-worthy mise-en-place. But then you’re ready to cook a long list of tantalizing appetizers; vegetable and rice dishes; fish and seafood; meats and poultry; and plenty of dals, naans and parathas, chutneys and desserts. Chef Sunderam even shows you how to configure your grill to make a good tandoori oven—and how to make easy microwave basmati rice. The best part is you can always go to Rasika to see how far you’ve come with your at-home lessons!

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ISBN: 9780062435552
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Published: Ecco - October 10th, 2017

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In a world of ever-expanding ethnic cuisine frontiers, specialty diets, and foodie trends, Deb Perelman’s “Smitten Kitchen” is as close as modern American cookery gets to a universal. Perelman is a home-cooking everywoman with indefatigable rigor, irrepressible enthusiasm, a tiny Manhattan kitchen, and great wit. Her massively popular blog and one previous cookbook boast an incredibly deep bench of cult-status recipes.  Her Butternut Squash Galette is the millennial Chicken Marbella. And now, Smitten Kitchen Every Day: Triumphant and Unfussy Favorites (Knopf, $35) follows the birth of Perelman’s second child and a busy season of life, and is Exhibit A of Perelman’s appealing approach to “everyday”: never over-precious, but never, ever, simply rote. You’ll find street-cart style chicken and rice, dry-rub sweet potato steaks, a sushi cobb salad, polenta-baked eggs, and a number of other mains, vegetarian or no, that are eminently scalable. There is a whole passel of inspired sturdy salads that are just as easily served at a dinner party as they are taken to work every day for lunch.  And of course, confident, cheeky desserts: caramelized plum tartlets, “bake sale winning-est gooey oat bars,” chocolate pecan slab pie.

Smitten Kitchen Every Day: Triumphant and Unfussy New Favorites: A Cookbook Cover Image
ISBN: 9781101874813
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Published: Knopf - October 24th, 2017