The Life of Rice - Richard Sobol

In Thai, when a person asks “Are you hungry?” she is really asking, “Have you eaten rice today?” Everything in Thailand, from school to holidays, revolves around THE LIFE OF RICE: From Seedling to Supper (Candlewick, $17.99). Writer and photographer Richard Sobol follows the Thai people through the year, beginning with the Royal Plowing Ceremony at the beginning of the planting season through the rice harvest. His gorgeous photographs of work and play in the rice fields are a window into an important part of Thai life and culture. Ages 8-11. DMC

Dinosaur Mountain - Deborah Kogan Ray

When Andrew Carnegie instructed his museum director to find “something big” for his Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Earl Douglass took his instructions to heart. Douglass relished the excitement of working as a “bone hunter.” In a narrow ravine in the Uinta Basin in Utah, he discovered a gigantic thigh bone, nearly six feet long, but this was just the tip of DINOSAUR MOUNTAIN (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, $16.99). Sixteen years and 350 tons of fossils later, Douglass emerged as one of the most successful dinosaur hunters of his time. Author and illustrator Deborah Kogan Ray uses Douglass’s field notes, fossil sketches, maps, and timelines to tell this exciting story. Ages 8-12. HWP

The Chiru of High Tibet - Jacqueline Briggs Martin and Linda Wingerter

THE CHIRU OF HIGH TIBET (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $17.99) have wool, shahtoosh, that is the warmest and finest in the world. When people discovered beautiful shahtoosh shawls, chiru were killed for their wool. But the chiru had a secret: no one knew where the females migrated to give birth every summer. Scientist George Schaller was determined to protect these animals and their birthplace. Jacqueline Briggs Martin (Snowflake Bentley) tells the true story of the chiru and the trekkers who made the journey to find and protect their birthing grounds. Linda Wingerter’s pastel paintings evoke the beautiful desolation of Tibet’s northern plains. Ages 6-9. HWP