Zoe in Wonderland - Brenda Woods

Staff Pick

As a “perfectly plain” middle child with two remarkable siblings, Zoe G. Reindeer feels as though she is destined to blend into the background forever. Although she cultivates contentment by tending the plants at her father’s nursery, Doc Reindeer’s Exotic Wonderland, Zoe finds herself slipping more and more often into daydreams about the exploits of her perfect alter ego, Imaginary Zoe, who has all the confidence, talent, and beauty that real Zoe can’t seem to find in herself. The reader, however, knows better: from the very first page of Brenda Woods’s novel, Zoe’s sparkling personality and evident wit leap off the page. Join Zoe in Wonderland (Nancy Paulsen, $16.99) and discover how something as small as a baobab seed can change the lives not only of Zoe, but also of her tight-knit, chaotic, and loving family. Ages 9-12.