Zero K - Don DeLillo

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Billionaire Ross Lockhart funds a secretive cryonics institute in Central Asia called the Convergence, where the global superrich are promised immortality. His son, Jeffrey, visits as his terminally ill stepmother prepares to be cryo-preserved. Jeff remains skeptical towards the venture as he wanders around the facility and meets the denizens of this strange, shadowy enterprise. He then returns to New York City and the messy world the backers of the Convergence insist is obsolete. In an age where TED-talking technologists promise that human nature itself can be refined and optimized like a software program, this book offers a sorely-needed reminder that self-delusion is perhaps our most intractable human quality.

Zero K: A Novel By Don DeLillo Cover Image
ISBN: 9781501135392
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Published: Scribner - May 3rd, 2016